Tom Rockliff


He doesn’t want to leave the lions


They all say that until they leave.

He’s from Victoria too.


Yes, FA who we could replace all of Bird, Watson and Hocking with. For less money after those three depart.


Is an absolute beast and hits our biggest need (other than an elite HBFer).

Look at how reliant we’ve been on Watson this year, even though Watson is a worse kick than Jaeger O’Meara at the moment. While I think we’ve drafted really well in the midfield the last few years, none of Parish, Zerrett, McGrath are going to be inside bulls.

Worth a serious financial offer.


I’ve said I’d prefer him to Martin. Sure, not as good on field. But fits our core need (clearances), can play forward, would be a lot cheaper and less off field issues.

But then, I’d have been setting him up last year. And said if Brisbane really only wanted a second rounder last year (which was a rumour pre-Fagan joining) we should have leapt at it.


Yep, just seemed like a complete no-brainer last year to pursue him. Imagine us right now with the best clearance player in the league, we could be a top 4 side. He’s averaging 10 clearances a game, Watson, still our best in averaging under 5. IF we actually have anywhere near 1.6m to play around with I’d much prefer Rocky & a decent quality outside mid or halfback like JJ than spend it all on Martin.


It’s all pretty simple
Retire Jobe (800), Stants (500), and Hocking (325) and free up 1,625,000.
Bring in Rockliff (850) and Dusty (1250). Just need to find the extra 475,000 which I’m sure we have. Both FA’s so we keep our draft picks.
Instant contender for the next 5 years.

*I made all those numbers up


Would we really need to give Rocky 800k?

Use our upside/ladder position/non-basket case status to prise him loose and give him 600k? Surely?

Or is that fanciful? I think the new CBA may mean 800k is more or less 600k in current day’s money.


Like Rockliff if he plays 70% mid and 30% forward - he’s a creative forward and it releases Fantasia and Tippa to spend more time in the midfield.


Would improve us instantly and the cost would be minimal.

If he is available and willing to come, its an absolute no-brainer.


Attitude problem galore… pass.

If we were to take anyone, I would throw big coin at Josh Kelly… focus on him… ceiling is yet to be reached.


It’s not the same conversation for mine. We’d get Rockliff for free on a largeish contract. Kelly would cost most of our draft currency for the next couple of years and probably twice as much money all up as Rockliff. Kelly may or may not be worth that, but it’s a completely different set of considerations.


So we could get all 3



Have always wanted us to chase Rockliff, and still do.


What do Leuenberger and Greeny have to say about Rockliff?


probably hes not a leader, but a good football player.

Green wasn’t a model player when we got him so it should matter really.


Yeah nah.
Great clearance player (helps having big Stefan tapping them down your throat), but that’s about it.
We want pace and good skills.
Give everything to Josh Kelly and be done with it.


He was still a ■■■■■■ good clearance player (potentially better) when Leuy was putting it down his throat.


But Rockliff is a extractor and will create clearances, Tippa and Fantasia are running players. How are these guys linked? Having said that, I think Tippa and Fantasia should be rotated through the midfield.

If we get Rockliff he plays in the guts permanently for mine.

Our midfield core would become Heppell, Merrett, Rockliff, with these guys rotating between each other… Merrett and Hepps can come in off the square…

The others that would rotate are Tippa, McGrath, Fantasia and McKenna for pace…

After that Zaka and a few others would provide relief as required, but not really be part of the core group.