Tom Sheridan

Tom Sheridan pick 16, 2011 draft delisted from Freo. Top 2% in endurance testing, ‘Essendon supporter’ prior to getting drafted. Good size at 187cm, has had a couple of top games this year with over 20 possessions against Collingwood (25, and 21) and Melbourne (23). Cheap option to play as that tall wingman we’ve been looking for? Thoughts?

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No thanks


Considering our outside mid depth is effectively Jake Long then someone experienced like Sheridan could be worth a look given he’s a DFA

Other sides like St Kilda would probably have more of a requirement to their senior side though.

Wonder why he is out of favour at Freo?

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Jordan Ridley.


I’d pretty much take it to the bank we’ll be going to the draft for all other list changes for 2019.

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I’m all in… on Michael Barlow

hey @Alan_Noonan_10 , better make that 17 wingers.


I don’t know who he is or anything about him, but I’m sure he’s a better option than Long


I remember hearing that he sat amongst the other Freo players watching us come from behind to beat them in 2013, barely able to hide his joy that we won.

I think Judas kicked our winner and Mayne missed a chance to win it from close in.

But no…not really for me. We shouldn’t just be recruiting for depth. He’d be about 33 on our depth chart.


Like SMJ said.

Jake Long has a lot in common with Mitch and Shaun Marsh…

Are you fkn serious with that 4th video. Borderline bannable :wink:


I’d pick him up in a heartbeat.
Whether he’d be prepared to pack up and move over here for the chance to play mostly VFL for not much money is the question.


He’s a Vic boy so moving back might not be an issue but I’d only be interested in guys like this to be VFL listed players with the hope that strong VFL form can lead to a second shot. Its also potentially a good move to have more prime aged AFL experienced players in the VFL to help develop our kids.

With the senior list as tight as it is now we’re probably in a position where we look at high risk high reward players like young gangly talls or Benfti specials.

I don’t mind that, either.
A very high ceiling player.

We’re going to have to make some hard calls next year, I think.


Maybe. But Dea, Looneyburger, Long, Baguley, Houlahan and Clarke are all on our list for 2019 presumably and it would not surprise me if none are on the list in 2020.

I do have a soft spot for Dea though and he won’t be too old either so I’d say he is the most likely to still be around. Maybe Clarke or Houlahan if they develop over the next 12 months. Hopefully.

FMD, not Dea! .

Regardless of how good he is, drafting him would not address our need to pick up some younger players, with a view to seeing how they develop over the next 2 - 3 years.

We can’t go the full Hawthorn? A mix of delisted, and mature age talent as well as some draftees seems the right way. Clear the decks for some conventional talent, load up with some X factor, and give a second home or two to a delisted player that we think we can turn around who will be as hungry as hell to succeed!

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I’d be pretty ■■■■■■ if we told Goddard to retire and then used his spot for drafting Tom Sheridan.