“Tough” Players/Clubs

Which players would you say have a tough presence about them in 2019 (Essendon or other clubs)?

What team would you say is full of these types of players this year and have an on field presence collectively as a group?

Now thinking back to the past years which Essendon players would you say went in hard and took no sh^t?

Curious to hear people’s opinions and a bit of banter

Jed Anderson from North is more of an early 2000s type of tough players. I really like the way he attacks the opponent through tackling. If we could ever get someone like him, he’d instantly replace Zaka.

From yesteryear from us, I’d say…
Daisy Williams, Billy Duckworth and Roger Merrett were always up for the contest. Ditto Mark Harvey.
From more recent times, Mark Johnson, Jason Johnson, Damien Hardwick, Paul Barnard, Dean Wallis, Dean Solomon, James Hird and Jobe Watson could always be dependable in a contest.
I can only think of Baguley being anything like that from our current team.


I think Cunnington is probably the most old style enforcer in the league.
For us Stringer and McKenna won’t take any crap, but I don’t think they have that old school presence.
Martin, a bit.

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Mitch Robinson is by far the toughest bloke in the league. Uses his body like a battering ram, would love him in the team. One player that never picks and chooses their efforts.


I actually love the way Mitch Robinson has transformed himself from a DH to a bloke who can actually play and exert some physical pressure


I’ve actually always been a fan.
I liked that skinny blonde bloke who couldn’t play very well but always had a dip of theirs, too…Armfield

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Did ya see Robbos hit on Dunkley today? Left a tough bloke laying on the ground wincing in pain just because Robbo felt like hurting someone, best part is they couldn’t remonstrate because it was fair.


Really wanted him at our club before he went to BL, thought he was just the type of player we needed… still need.

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Jack Graham is a little old school tough I think - slow as treacle but tackles hard and enjoys a shepherd.

Zurhaar is a wrecking ball up forward for North.

I used to really enjoy how Max Rooke played at geelong when he went forward, just put himself about, tackled like a maniac.


Agree with you on Zurhaar. A brute… just ask Hurley

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Sides that have been up at the top for a while seem to have a few of these types
Lions had the Scott’s, Pike, Voss, Lynch, Brown, Johnson
Cats had Mooney, Rooke and Scarlett
Hawks had Hodge, Lewis, Mitchell, even Buddy throws his weight around a bit

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Mason Redman has some potential. Rambrose as well… just plays too nice.


And Tippa when he is on the mark.

Ronnie andrews


Um Ambrose?


‘Tough” without being a mongrel as well is an interesting call.
If you define it as

  • can cop punishment and still play well
  • can have a physical impact
  • makes other players walk taller
    Which I think is a reasonable definition then actually Josh Kennedy is a sleeper here. Not often commented on how he goes in to protect the smalls playing around him, but does it regularly at the slightest hint.

Hirdy is the toughest player I have seen.

Of his generation Voss used to get all the kudos for being an enforcer but I have never seen a player cop such a physical examination as Jimmy did every week.


How tough can you be these days? Redman pushed a bloke back last weekend and gave away a free kick?

Ambrose is about as tough as you can be now days, tackles to hurt.

Loved James Hird but he was never tough. Brave as they come but not tough. I remember Hird having a push and shove with Carey and being made to look like a rag doll.

Bags is legit tough. Throws his body around and always goes back with the flight at least a few times a day and never takes his eyes off the ball

Same with Ambrose


How tough is Robbie Gray? What a weak ■■■■.

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