Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


more to come

So Parker is gone



Browne clearly had superior sources last year. He’s just guessing now. Proof: last year he was reporting things I like, this year he’s reporting things I don’t.


Parker isn’t going anywhere.

Hate to break it to you blitz but we also won’t be getting Dangerfield, the Bont, or Cripps.

Lol Blitz


Why is it a photo of their shorts?


I couldn’t fit the whole picture and the article in the one screenshot!

Does look a bit dodgy now that you’ve mentioned it.


Nah look, you post what you like, man. You like shorts, well shorts it is! Don’t let anyone take that away from you.



Buddy realizing he has no-one to kick it to him.


Yes we are , we have won the most flags. At least I answer your questions.

And I rate the 2018 season as much more succesful than 2017, because we are finally ready to launch in 2019 for top 4 (& maybe jag a flag) with a sustained level for the next 5 years (2019-2024) at the top 4, with 3 flags thrown in for good measure. Last year we were making up the numbers once again.

If were only to finish top 4 for 5 years in a row & not win one flag, then I would call that an abject failure, but you would call it a roaring success.

That’s the difference between us, you are quite happy to finish 2nd, I only care about flags


How about he offer actual news.



There was no Setterfield talk. It was just Blitz speculation and saying we’d like him.


My guess is the war room whiteboard has names on it no one has spoken of yet.


I logged on to blitz after work and there’s hundreds of new posts in the trade thread and apparently the Parker talk appeared and then went away so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to get involved in it…


Star duo?
Wow, if Rohan is counted as a star the bloke we’re after could be any one of about 400 guys.


There was a report a one stage that Essendon and Carlton were looking at trying to get Setterfield


I think we should look at one player who will help our outside midfield game (Gaff) and another who will help on the inside (Parker/Shiel/Wallis). Do that and it’s job done for the trade/FA period and I’m very excited by our prospects in 2019.


Well said,and totally agree.


Will Setherfield Satterfield Seterfell Brodie?


Jon Ralph on AFL tonight saying Parker won’t be going anywhere. Expects Sydney to put out a media release in the next few hours detailing the trade movements.


Tom Browne (lol) stated that Rohan will be going to Geelong and that is a win for Geelong. I assume he hasn’t watched Rohan play?