Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Rohan seriously averages about 9 possessions a game over his career. Not sure if that’s a win


One of them resulted in a win.


Interesting tweet from Ricky Nixon…


Wingard ?


Don’t leave us hangin…


Wingard is talented but his attitude is pretty poor from what I have seen.


Anyone could have tweeted that


Yep, not sure about that one. He’s a talent but gee Port would want a lot for him.


Heard that name this evening. Was told there’s a mutual interest. Had no idea Nixon had run with it though.


Lol at Geelong, they’re like Joan Collins. They’ll do anyone


I wonder how hard it would be to write a twitter bot that just picks players and clubs at random.


Essendon are going to get all the players


If wingard came to essendon I would have to do some major backflipping.


Ricky Nixon? Has he ever got one trade right…ever?


Hes in his jocks in a hotel room as we speak,tweeting his coke headed ■■■■ off trying.


Not sure, do you know of any he has got wrong ?


I reckon he’s more reliable than most of the media, so there’s an outside chance his strike rate is approaching 10%



Guys a loser*


*never met him, so mnbt


I’d take Wingard in a heartbeat. Could swap with Fanta between midfield/wing and forward.


I seem to remember Stringer definitely not going to us and Dusty locked in at north last year.