Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


When did that change because didn’t Port get 2 x 2nd round picks for losing Pearce & Chaplin? Does that mean that if May actually was a FA they get nothing? If thats the case then the above attempt to disolve May’s contract seems to make no sense from a GC point of view unless they hadn’t yet conceded Lynch was going to leave as a FA. Maybe they plan or hoped to force a trade from Richmond including player(s).


This Gold Coast exodus is going to get some clubs riled up.
The AFL will twist the rules on the go to suit themselves and they all know it.


It’s been an incredibly busy few days here in Trade Targets, and I for one know nothing new.


Are there any sales on


Yes, I believe Ellis-Yolman is a 2 for 1 deal.


Can we call him the yo man


its not just Port that is smelly…Its the whole of Adelaide.

I think its the water


I’m loving Stallions ANNOUNCE YOLMEN schtick :laughing:


5 posts all morning. It’s Friday, I don’t want to do any actual work today.


This week’s Sliding Doors!


Sen texter saying they saw Parker and Jackets talking in a bar…

Make of it what u will lol


Text message to SEN ??? WTF. Parker reported visiting TVSC with Jackets 14/9/2018. Unverified.


You at it again @Hurleys_Taxi_Driver?


Trade rumours go into hyperdrive.


Sounds like the opening line to a joke.

A parker and a jacket walk into a bar and the parker says to the jacket “what’ll you have?” and the jacket says “Nothing. I’m trying to stay dry.”


Instaban for posting Barrett


Sydney clearing the decks. Johnston delisted.




The Dad Joke factor on that one is through the roof… well done.


OK, May is a good good player, We don’t need him Barrett.,