Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


Wallis career Averages-
21 touches
5 tackles
1 goal
I would take that for the right price.


Just about to get his 2nd too. Good call by me. Haha.


Not their fault no one wanted to really go there.


Is Beams still rumoured on wanting to come back to Victoria? Would be a good get depending on how far away you think we are from contending.


Apart from that 1 shocking against North his last few weeks have been trending upwards imo


I don’t see why we would get Wallis. I’d rather find somebody in the draft.


About 8 weeks. :wink:


Wallis has disappeared…
Only the 1 possession that quarter. It is typical of him through his career. More often than not he goes missing for a quarter.

If we end up getting him, I hope he plays the way he did in his junior years when he was getting 30 possessions per game and dominating, instead of the 20 possessions and disappearing here and there through AFL.




Meh. He’s no gun but I don’t really mind us getting Wallis as a FA and seeing how he goes with a change of enrivonment.

Not sure if he’s in our best side but he’s only 25, wins contested footy and gives us another bigger-bodied option around the ball at 186cm & 85kg.


It’s time to raid Carlton.

Petrevski-Seaton and Harry McKay.

Go and get them


More stringer/smith types.

talented players treated unfairly by their previous club and dirt cheap.



Blues are sweating on keeping Cripps, just sayin’.


Heard they are miles apart on the $.


Don’t tease.


there is no way the blues would let him go.

if he was on open market he would get GC lynch sort of pay


Wallis is the kind of quality that…I’m happy to go with…but if something else came up, I could leave him holding just a pen at the signing ceremony.

Let me try one of these:


Not a clue, personally just adding to the conversation and talking options.


Hard to argue with the above. I just remember Brodie having a good contested ball winning ability and a very handy side step to make space. He had a good handball too if I recall accurately. He may well be in the Caddy category as being hyped more than reasonable. I figured that with only being at GC for 2 years they couldnt have ruined him beyond repair yet.

You’re probably right that a first rounder now seems like a punt, but it’s a moot point anyway given that he’s contracted and GC won’t give way easily considering they will lose Lynch. They will be in reputation damage mode and unlikely to help early picks like Brodie leave.

Besides I much prefer RCD at this point in time.


Getting Cripps would allow me to erase the pain of the 99 prelim.