Trade Period Review

Retained: Orazio, Joe, Laverde
Additions: Cutler, Phillips

Super happy that Raz and Joe are staying. I rate Raz as capable of being the best high half forward in the comp and we know what Joe’s best is like when his body allows it. Our new medical department will be crucial in getting the best out of these two.

Lav is still here. I’m a fan, I know others aren’t.

As far as who we’ve brought in, Phillips is an upgrade on Zac Clarke, Cutler improves our depth and versatility.

I’m disappointed that we still haven’t addressed our inside mid weakness. I don’t care what stats you throw at me, I still reckon we lack an inside brute and our undersized, slightly timid midfield brigade are too often out grunted at the coalface against the top sides. I’m sure we’ll get some state league plodder in the National Draft who we’ll be told will help us in this department.


What else were we meant to hope for and do?? Great work for AD.

Provided we can rally arpund Raz and Joe and get them back to their best then a huge win.

Cutler and Philips excellent depth pick ups.

2 picks in the 30s have potential.

Next year we get a first rounder back and depending on Joe, can make a money play for DeGoey or Cameron

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Seems to me we picked up 2 Players exactly of the type we most needed, … a decent back up Ruck,… and a big bodied Mid, … and both for a couple of packets of Chips, … & who both could very well develop into very good best 22 players with more opportunity & development.

I’d say we’ve done pretty well.


Just watched some Cutler highlights.

A midfielder who can bomb goals from outside 50. One gone (Myers), one arrives.

Looking forward to this.

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I actually don’t mind Cutler and I’m happy we’ve brought him across but just to be clear, he certainly is a big body, and he is often a mid, but he’s not a big bodied mid who operates at stoppages or gives us presence on the inside.



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I reckon the club played the Joe situation absolutely perfectly, and, for once, have come out of it with the media strongly in their corner (yeah, I know, wgaf, but hopefully it sinks in for Joe that Sydney were not serious and only wanted him if he was a bargain, whereas we backed him to take us to success).

Well done, Adrian. You’re pretty handy come this time of year.


Would have liked the punt on Bonar. But maybe its dollars. Norf would have offered a decent contract.

No idea on Cutler or Phillips.

Happy with our improved picks in the 30s.

Thought the right decision on balance was no deal on Joe. Lets see what 12 months do. Sydney isnt going anywhere.

Orazio is an enigma.

The way we have loaded up on those picks in the 60’s I’m not convinced we are done yet. Might bundle them together and send them to a club that needs extra points for an academy player.


You don’t suddenly learn to be a c#n+

If, at his size and with 5 years in the system, he hasn’t played as an inside mid, it’s not happening.

And again, I’m certainly happy to bring him into our club. He can play in all thirds of the ground, is a good athlete and can kick a goal.


Joe and Raz are staying. Played it well Disco.

Oh yes you can.

Seen the most gentle outside runner you’d ever meet become a raging hurting tackling ball getting bull in 1 week.

All it took was finding out his Missus had been cheating on him.

He stayed that way the rest of his playing days, despite getting over it pretty quickly and happily trading up.

Once the fuse had lit & he’d found it, … he never lost it.

Won 3 B&F’s over the next 7 years, and was top 5 to 3 in the others.


I have no doubt he was recruited as a outside mid. Its his natural position. And it’s a area we severely lack in. I don’t see him being a inside mid, it goes away from all his natural strengths


Have to agree. He looks natural in that spot.

Bet you a Pint he gets a run inside though,. I have no doubt they’ll “Suck it & See” in the VFL within the first 6 games or so.

Happier than you expect considering we only picked up two fringe players via very late pick trades

Retaining JD with no clear replacement lined up or gun talls in the top of draft in the end had to happen. Raz changing his mind himself was also fantastic and great for the club. If those two are fit and firing rd1 game on.

Lav shopped himself and no club really cared much at all which will have him back to knuckle down hard. With Stringer prone to picking up an injury here and there Lav will still be needed every now and then as depth 3rd tall fwd.

Cutler I am very bullish on. Think can play a range of roles including inside mid. He’s a bigger lad than I knew (192cm/92kg), works really hard up and back the ground and a thumping accurate kick. Will be a gem of a pick up IMO

Phillips despite being a Blues #2 ruck could very well push himself up to our #1 next year for many games given Tommy’s injury woes, maybe can rest him when he gets banged up more often. He actually follows up much better than Tommy and very experienced. Thankfully we have a far better back up than Clarke now also.

All in all a successful period.

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If Bonar’s actually on the reported 3-400k I’m happy we went nowhere near him. He’s a long way from the finished article, that sort of coin is ridiculous.


i do not understand people saying they are happy we picked up depth players.

we scraped into 8th position, we don’t need depth, we need better players in the best 22.

I can only hope that if phillips and cutler are outperforming their supposed senior counterparts, that they get a fair go in the seniors, and are not relegated to merely “depth” players who come in when we allow 21 goals against, and not seen any other time.

I reckon he’ll be close to best 22 round 1, our outside run is poor. That poor we had to play ham on a wing in a final this year (taking nothing away from him, he’s good, but still a little off it)


Got some more run
got a decent back up ruckman
kept Joe
farked Carlton

Job well done