Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


Article “Every club can trade its future first-round pick with stricter rules to take effect in 2019”. Herald Sun.


Let’s just revisit the Colyer speculation. Yes I know he needs to agree. But if GC miss on Motlop they may offer a significantly bigger contract


GC get Colyer, 24 & 29
EFC get Saad, 20 (currently 19) & 37

Send 20 to Stringer, take it or fark off.


Yes, but that doesnt mention the lower round rules at all. The only context that that article is looking at is whether Geelong can trade another 1st rounder.

You might be right. But i dont think its clarified anywhere. Heck, until that article there had never been any mention of a delay to 2019 or Afl exemptions anywhere at all. Even Geelong didnt know what was allowed.


Pretty sure Colyer and/or manager/club said Colyer is going nowhere.


I missed that


Just slipped that one in. Make 'em wait.


This talk that Stringer had a poor 2016 surprises me.

I thought his last third, including finals, were below par, but before that, he was very good.


He started like a house on fire, tailed off, got dropped late in year, came back for finals.


H-S reporting Richmond has knocked back our approach for a r1 pick. Brisbane another option I guess and perhaps Adelaide but I have a bad feeling that would require Francis.


RICHMOND is sitting out of a three-way deal which could help solve the impasse for exiled Western Bulldog Jake Stringer.

The Tigers have picks 15 and 17 in this year’s draft which they are holding, in part, to claim father-son midfielder Patrick Naish.

Essendon asked whether the Tigers would trade pick 15 (worth 1112 draft value index points) for the Bombers’ picks 24 and 29 (total 1438).


Can’t belive some on here a like “meh” if we don’t Stringer

He’ll go to Geelong and rip the comp apart and we will look like idiots.


If that happen I would be fuming.

Stringer is going to tear it apart next year.


Watch the ■■■■■■ swoop in with their Motlop pick.

Push comes to shove just use our 2018 first.


I’m not concerned about Geelong at all.

My only concern is Dogs keeping him.


Don’t think he’ll go back to the Dogs.


Sources on here, quality sources, have all said they believe he won’t go back to the Dogs. Geelong definitely more of a chance than Dogs, but not sure how much.


It’s all up to Jake.

If he really wants to get to EFC, then he will.

It may happen late, but it will happen.


I’m not completely surprised that RICH won’t dilute. It seems they will roll the dice with Naish…

I won’t be surprised if BRIS don’t want to dilute either (Ballenden not quite good enough)…

That’s why I still think that this is the highest that we can get back into the draft:

Then we offer 20 + a future second to WB, with the spin that we beat the only other bid in the market.


Wells has already stated their not interested as they won’t offer more than #20.


Sorry, I thought that was the bit you were referring to. The relevant article then is “Jaeger O’meara AFL trade error - mistakes in Hawthorn deal”. Look down the bottom.