Trade scenarios to land Stringer, post Saad and Smith?


have a pill ffs dude. you’re giving me a headache.


They seem more focused on trying to get Watts


Essendon give 24 and 29 to Sydney for pick 14.
Essendon give pick 14 to WB for Stringer
Sydney give pick 24 to Melbourne for Jack Watts.


I suspect that is because Connors and Stringer have told them he isn’t interested. Connors was very clear that he wants to go to Essendon and that a deal will be done but it will take up until the very last day.


Why because it’s a slim chance that it might happen?


True, but I think speculation is they re-enter the bargaining since their pick 20 is higher than any of ours. I still think it’s v unlikely tho.


If that rumour is true about Richmond knocking back the trade… it makes no sense. If you know you have a F/S bid likely… when not trade 2 for 1 and gain 300 points whilst also meaning that you don’t potentially lose both first round selections ‘matching’ a bid?

Makes absolutely no sense why they wouldn’t do it…


Richmond believes the bid won’t come in the first Rd.


If Naish isn’t bid until 18+, which could well happen, then RICH have managed to pick up two other great kids and can just cover the Naish bid with junk points from a Miles trade.


Fair enough.


Fair enough, but the trade really still covers both possibilities imho. They would still go in with a first round and 2 second rounders… eliminates any teams from bidding early just to clear their picks.

But fair point.


The other thing is Richmond could be waiting on the Motlop compo pick with 19/20 bundled for their pick 15 which is a much better deal for them.


Give the doggies one of this years round 2 picks and our next years round 1 for stringer and their next years round 2.


Apologies for banging on about this, but what about:

Saad deal
ESS out: 24 + 2 x 2018 second rounders
ESS in: Saad + 20 (just need GC to get it from GEEL under the Ablett deal) + 36?
*I think GC would appreciate this deal as it converts their surplus of second rounders into future picks.

Stringer deal
ESS out: 20 + 29
ESS in: Stringer
*It’s simply better than WB are going to be offered by anyone else.


Dont know how dumb this is or not but considering Gold Coasts glut of 2nd rounders this year:

Out to Gold Coast:
24, 29, 2018 second rounder
In to Bombers:
Saad, 20, 23

Then trade 20 for Stringer.

If they still wont agree, throw in pick 23 to get it done.

If we keep 23, bonus to see if we can get Kennedy or get a decent big mid at the draft


The Motlop pick isn’t going to be anything better than 35. Stop worrying about that


We’re on the same wavelength.


They do have Lang seeking opportunities elsewhere and North have pick 22.

He isn’t worth that but other pick swaps might get them to land 22.

Here’s hoping Lang prefers not to be parked on bottom of ladder and moving to tassie before his contract up though.


Makes perfect sense.

Very good chance they can use both first rounders before a bid. If not, they’ll still almost certainly get to use one.


Fremantle Out 5 In 9, WIlson
GWS In 24 Out WIlson
Dogs In 5 Out, 9 Stringer
Ess In Stringer Out 24.