Trade Talk 2019 Pt2

Other thread reached 10k posts and let’s face it, as Essendon supporters Trade season is the only excitement we get.

Post all your FB rumours and my mates cousins step dad said we’re getting…


My daughter said after the loss on Thursday- at least it is your favourite time of the year now Dad.


So…the opposite of mine.

Back in the old days, every village had its idiot. Trade season widens the net.


Don’t talk about Nino like that, he’s a nice lady

Another snippet on suggesting our interest in Ed Langdon…

Is he any good?

Tbh, I can’t invest in trade discussions until I’ve decided whether Dodoro needs to be turfed prior to trade period.

Ed Langdon would improve our outside run, my mate who barracks for the Dees thinks he is almost over the line for them. We both need better outside run


Langdon would be a soild pickup for any club to be fair. He’s no world-beater but there aren’t many 22’s he wouldn’t get into.

I would love Langdon but think I’m going to waste my energy wanting SPP. I know he’s a tool but we lack tools.

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SPP family and Girlfriend in WA why would he want to come here? not like we could offer him silly $$ as cap tight

Unsure of what Langdon’s kicking is like, as that seems to be an issue for us, but he is a definite upgrade on our current wing options. For instance I would much rather him out there than Zaka. Suppose it would depend how much he would cost us. He is younger and probably cheaper than Jack Martin for instance, who we have also been linked to

Seriously though, how can we even do this in a vacuum without consideration of the coach and gameplan and etc etc.

I have my ideas for what we might need for a generous gameplan, and for generic list management, but that won’t get us anywhere. I assume if we’re trading it’s a targeted play for someone who fills a need in the list. But if you’re just working around an approximate gameplan because you don’t have your head coach locked away then you can’t do that. And I sure aren’t expecting Dodoro to be defining the new coaches gameplan.

Why not just assume that the head coach who has a contract and just got publicly guaranteed his position by the CEO will be the head coach? Just for the purposes of this thread at least.


That article also put us in the lead position for Brandon Ellis if he stays in Victoria. Which, sure, why wouldn’t we be spending big restricted free agent money on a back flanker?


That’s fair and obviously the assumption. :slight_smile:

I’m just struggling to get back on board after the weekend…give me an hour or two…

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What is happening with the Irish bloke , who was in the media about a month ago as almost certain to sign with the Bombers ?


I don’t want Brandon Ellis but I reckon he is fully aware that he will have to take a pay cut wherever he lands.

I think he’d be taking a much smaller pay cut to move than to stay at richmond, though. He wouldn’t be moving for opportunity, or success.

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I think Richmond have indicated they can’t afford to retain him so he has no choice.

Given his inflated contract, the tigers probably see it as an opportunity to get premium compensation.