Trade Talk 2019 Pt2

They will be banking on a late second which is probably fair

Keep Joey and Francis and I’m happy.


Do not want Brandon Ellis.


Our absolutely number one non-negotiable for any player we are looking at trading should be whether they are a very good to elite kick.

If the answer is no, then don’t even have the conversation. This includes butchers like SPP, Crouch and Zac Jones.

What would be the point of bringing in Ellis? We have better half backs, as well as I don’t think he’s the right guy to chuck on the wing

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Dodoro has more than earnt his keep since the Saga. That said, this trading period he will have to take it up a notch. No first round picks (as of now) and plenty to think about in terms of our vets.

I love that unlike other sports, AFL still sees a disproportionately low amount of player movement. That said, the model exhibited by Hawthorn (get value for your vets when they still have it) is worth looking into. I am not going to speculate names (Hu… He… Bel…) as it will just make one sad but that’s what Dodoro will and should do.


But just imagine. Francis, Gleeson, Redman, Saad, Ridley, McKenna and Ellis all rebounding out of the 50. Admittedly there’d be nobody to kick to and nobody at the centre stoppages, but boy oh boy, that rebound.


If Brandon Ellis is the answer, we need to sack whoever’s writing the questions.

We need a dependable, strong, solid clearance player. And a ruck.


I disagree, we need a ball winner first and foremost as long as they can dish off a handball competently under pressure to our outside runners in Zach, Shiel, Andy etc we will be better for it.

Not many genuine inside mids are elite kicks see Oliver, Danger, Cripps. Kennedy, Redden, Dunkley, Taranto and Cunnington, all elite at winning contested ball but most are just average to competent users by foot, all of them are elite ball winners who can handball under pressure.

Shouldn’t we be doing anything possible to get Brad Crouch ?

He is very good.

Barry Zuckercorn?

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Yeah our immediate needs are:

  • Brute inside mid
  • Above average ruckman (Draper?)
  • more pressure small forwards (Mozzie? Snelling? Another 2 more?)

And I would also like another 1 or 2 “elite kicking HBF accumulating playmakers” to emerge. We have a very solid back 7 but with our current game plan we rely heavily on Saad and McKenna breaking the lines. I would very much like some blokes in the back half that could perform the roles that we’re seeing up at Brisbane with Hodge, Witherden and Rich. It would be nice to be able to move the ball up the field with precision rather than long bombs up the wing. Redman has huge potential to be that man while Ridley is that type of player but is currently struggling to be a best 22 player.

Though I don’t believe it’s a priority, I really liked the talk of getting Zac Williams who is one of the most damaging kicks in the competition. I hope there’s some truth in it.

Fantasia, Gleeson, 2020 1st and 2019 2nd for Matt and Brad Crouch

Laverde for Preuss (Probably doubtful)

Francis Ambrose Saad
Redman Hurley McKenna

Preuss M.Crouch B.Crouch
Merrett Shiel McGrath

Snelling Daniher Smith
Tippa Hooker Stringer

Heppell Parish Guelfi/Langford/Ridley/Zaharakis

Highly doubtful but we’d be stronger.

Do you have a comparison? What are his strengths/weaknesses?

Brad Crouch comparison - Tom Rocklif

Strengths: Consistency, clearances, clean hands, ball getting
Weaknesses: Durability, kicking, 2 way running, endurance

Plays like Tom Phillips from Collingwood, Holds his width, always running to effect the spread, pure outside player who takes ground. Safe by foot, knows his limitations.

Past player for us that he’s like is probably Stanton.


Get Charlie Constable and hit the draft.

Our problems won’t be fixed through recruitment - via draft, trade or FA - the missing link is both off-field and in the player’s heads.

All 3 lines need bolstering and/or reinforcement. More importantly we need to improve the teams contested ability and the midfield’s ability to deliver to ball to the advantage of the forwards.


Agree. That’s why i don’t really care if we land a big name this trade period. Get some good youth in to put pressure on the senior players.