Trade Talk 2019 Pt2

our 3 picks in the 60’s (worth around 300) we could trade for next years NM 3rd

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Headline needs more words to be effective.


That is a ridiculous amount of words really isn’t it.

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The Giants will be losing a few high profile players next year in all likelihood which will give them points to play with.

Adelaide also would have a handshake deal to not bid on Green if he slides past Sydney (unlikely imo)

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His blitz thread title says hi:

#28 Mitch “Swingman” Brown - we liked his hustle. That’s why it was so hard to cut him

Don’t know what to do with themselves without SoS giving them freebies for junk every year.

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I’m not even sure @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS realises he should hate it.

Another pick swap apparently went down between Hawthorn and North.

Yes north now has pick 26 27 and 30. So really have the potential to spoil our party, but given they have 3 so close together they pick for needs with 1 or 2 of them as opposed to best available.

Also gives them a very strong hand to move up the order.

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What did north give back Hawks?

Next year’s second rounder, I believe. Plus this year’s third and fourth rounders.

Means Hawthorn can now trade out next year’s first rounder because they now have a second rounder.The

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I have no idea what it means or what it’s in aid of to hate it.

And at least it’s under 3 lines.

I’m actually not sure I notice anything beyond the players name these days TBH, but I’m sure someone enjoys them.

Meanwhile, we’re doing sweet FA as usual.

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We may not have anything of interest to other clubs. Our two picks in the 30s aren’t neccesarily attractive to everyone. We could try to trade a future pick to get into the first round but then again, Dodoro and team may not rate this years first round as highly as other clubs. Considering the circumstances of us having nothing to work with, I’m content with us doing nothing.

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Trades in Stringer, Saad, Smith, Shiel - raids the Hawks of their own academy prospect Mosquito, recruits two of the most highly sought after Irish footballers on the market - you are right - EFC doing sweet FA as usual - those mediocre fools.


Don’t we need to use next year’s first rounder?

Not if we convert it into a first round pick this year. You need to take one every 4 years, so if we used a first round pick this year it resets.

If we end up with a first rounder this year no we don’t