Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

We can go to the draft. It’s hard to talk blokes into coming if they’re going to be second fiddle for a couple of years.

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Find a discard KPF, turn him into a KPD, Liam Jones style.

Our KPF stocks are set for the short/medium term. Daniher, McKernan, Brown, Stewart, Gown and Clarke with Hooker, Francis, Stringer and Laverde if we get are super desperate.

We may need to look for an upgrade on Clarke as that ruck/ff option depending on how he holds up this season.


I want the next gawn/grundy.

2 metres and mobile.

Is that Sammy Draper?

Draper is your man, he won’t get it as much around the ground as Gawn or Grundy but his work immediately after the bounce inside the stoppages will be his POD. Think a less thuggish mumford.

We need a backup ruckman who can play as a strong marking FF. A McKernan replacement.


Draper had 22 possessions on the previous weekend.

For someone who had limited football background he is seemingly getting involved well

He might not get to Grundy’s 30+ possession games but 20’s wouldn’t be out of the question which is what Gawn can get to.

Nearly everyone on our side did.

I’m waiting to see him up against an actual opposition this year yet, before I judge how far he’s come. The Coaches likely are too.

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I got the impression most of those possessions were in contested situations, he did have 10 clearances after all.

There’s an easy way for them to find that out

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But there’s no need to rush or risk. So why would you?

Draft a kpd prospect, give him time to develop in the VFL. Zerk is very promising but we’ll need someone else as well. Two tall stoppers (Zerk and ??) plus Francis as the third tall/interceptor should be the next generation in the backline once Hooker/Hurls start to move on.

Forward line looks ok going forward, Daniher/Stewart/Stringer looks handy for a few years with Gown in reserve. Both senior rucks are around the same age, we’ll need backup for Draper at some point, though we’ll probably pick up a discard or state league player when the tie comes rather than draft one and develop him. We drafted for speed last year with Mozzie and Hams. Probably the next stop will depend on who we get rid of in the off season. If we don’t see a longterm future for Dlarke/Mutch, and the sun is surely starting to set for Myers, and if we continue to refuse to play Parish in the centre square where nature intended, we may need to look at a clearance guy. But that’s kinda stretching for needs at this point.

What I’d really like is a Daniel Rich type, a midfielder whose primary standout quality is flat accurate penetrating kicking to exit the zone or to enter the forward line. Maybe Ridley could fill this role long term? But that’s speculative. A few too many of our mids can really accumulate or extract or burst away but lack a little precision and/or kicking depth.

Edit: or alternatively, tell Martin we still really really want him and convince him to nominate us and GC will just have to make do with what trade currency we have to offer. Nice plan - if you completely ignore the salary cap issues…


KPD prospect ?

Mason Fletcher

He’s a genuine long shot at making it

Francis probably is the closest we have to a Rich-like kick in the team atm. It’ll be very interesting how we utilise him in the future.

Conor McKenna is another that would prove to be extremely damaging if played through the middle, he has all the physical attributes to be the best mid in the game and he is already one of the best kicks in the comp. imo all he would need to do is learn how to win his own ball and develop his 360 awareness in tight, but even if he was played off the wing and was fed the ball he’d light it up.

Even if Mason Fletcher does develop into an AFL player, I doubt he’ll have the strength require to play as a fullback, so he would need to quickly develop his dad’s defensive nous.

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1 bull - Brayden Sier is a great shout (what’s he worth?)
1 kpd- Sam Day is a free agent… Thoughts? 26, probably not. Hit the draft this year for someone to play alongside BZT for the next ten years.
1 rangy half-forward winger who can mark it - would love a blumfield type… that type that we used to have plenty of in the early 2000s who was midsize, clever on the ground and in the air - Jack Martin would be perfect but would cost a bomb
1 defensive forward - to replace Baguley. Attempt to trade for a Ben Long type, Bank on Begley or hit the draft. One that will be confirmed in time.

We couldn’t fit Francis in our side and you want to trade more kpd’s in.

Francis isn’t a key back.

I’ve only just realised that Hugh Greenwood is playing SANFL football…that just doesn’t seem right to me…meanwhile CEY played seniors…that will surely be rectified next weekend. Surely.

Anyway Greenwood is out of contract at the end of the year, and I wonder if it might have shaken his faith. He could be looking at a big queue in front of him, with Sloane/Gibbs/MCrouch still contracted for several more years, and BCrouch fit again and still has one more year after this…

I don’t know how it would get done. Just like to dream…

Jack Leslie

Gold Coast Suns

Born: April 27, 1995

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 100 kg

Position: Key Defender

Contract Status: End of 2019 season

I thought we should’ve been looking at Hugh Goddard as a developing KPD. Was free last year and well worth the punt IMO. Saints rated him but didn’t feel like they could get his body right. They must’ve really felt he was fkd given they took on Hannebery…


Begley fits that description. He also is a great size and has excellent endurance.