Trade Targets


So in the same seat as 15 other clubs (GC and GWS know thrmw formula as they are the love children of the AFL)


David Noble has confirmed that Rockliff is probably gone. They made an offer, he hasn’t accepted and they haven’t had any contact with his manger for some time.


If he wanted out I would take Adam Tomlinson.



Tomlinson will probably go to the blues packaged with Kennedy etc


GWS are really clearing the decks. Are they getting a salary cap reduction for next year or were the ‘love child bonuses’ already finished?


I’d hazard a guess that there would probably be a few questions asked re; commitment after 2 straight Preliminary Final losses and what looked like a rather underwhelming season this year given their list.

If you’re not buying into the program then it’s to go while you still have some currency


Cameron getting desperate I would think.

2 failed seasons at prelim stage, time to blame the players rather than your bog average coaching. And the senior guys will get it in the neck not the flashy one way running kids.

Almost like he has completely undone sheedys good work.


GWS had a shocking run with injuries this year. They are premiership favourites next year again for mine.


Depends on a few things.


Yeah, I’m not sure it is all down to injuries.

A list shake up might be just the kick in the ■■■■ they need though and should be a contender.


Clear a bit of cap dollars to keep the top players, bring in some cheap high draft picks to replact them.


Mumford and Heath Shaw?


Sloane’s name has popped up a few places, I saw on twitter on grand final day that his wife (I think married) has taken a Job in Melbourne. Anyone else hear anything?

I would seriously trade everything for him.

Edit: The job thing was stated on BF as well, Hope it’s true,


If a move was on the cards we should be moving heaven and earth



Would trade 2 first round picks in a heartbeat

Dylan Shiel is a gun.


I don’t get our interest in Tomlinson.


Considering the Saints are heavily chasing Gaff and offering up one of their 1st rounders this one seems strange.


Does the job defensively and excellent at attacking play from HB which helps with ball movement and thus scoring power

Ambrose limited attacking wise
Francis can’t run out a 1st quarter at AFL level

We can’t just have Hurls as the only attacking player in main defensive trio.


He wouldn’t be a key defender though yeah? I wouldn’t want him in franklin, Kennedy types