Trade Targets




If Joe’s surname wasn’t Daniher would you trade him? Would you roll dice?

His currency is high across the league but good forwards don’t miss as badly as he does.

What say you?


Would you mind seeing him kick 70-80 goals a year for the next 5-7 years for another team?

I would.


Honestly, I can’t see that happening.


But it is so you don’t…

Would think if he is leaving Richmond he wants guaranteed game time. If we are to progress up the ladder he would be depth only. Why would you leave a team that is pressing for a flag to go to one that isn’t to be depth. Better to be first in line should someone get injured at the pointy end of the season. Also can’t see Richmond just cutting him to let him go as a delisted free agent, they would want something for him.


Putting this year aside as he was injured and the side has been crap he kicked 60 odd last year as a 23 year old in an average side.

I’m still confident he can be a top ten player in a good side.


The Pies are reportedly about to lose farther son Darcy Moore. It happens,


Why on earth would Fyfe want to move East? No way he’ll leave.


I’m reluctant to continue this discussion, but i just can’t let this one slide… I should know better, but anyhow…

Who ever suggested that it needs to be either one or the other? Who said that it’s a good idea to pick a big mid with poor skills ‘rather than’ a smaller guy with good skills, as your post insinuates I did? Obviously, a mid needs to have afl quality hand/foot, decision making skills and stamina, regardless of size… more Langfords and less Parishs is what I’m saying we need, because we have a big Jobe-size hole in our team and then some.

And my question over your reading comprehension ability has nothing to do with punctuation and possessives… seriously wtf? Buddy, don’t comment on my posts and attach meaning that’s not there, and i won’t on yours. Let’s move on.



Sloane as he has 2-3 years of good footy left and that’s our window


I didn’t say he wanted to. I asked if anyone would be ballsy enough to ask the question and make an offer he couldn’t refuse. Big difference. Very much hypothetical but also something I don’t think our club would have the cojones to even ponder.


Not just responding to this but asking the broader question. Who are our guns over 25?

Becuase if you don’t have a spread of talent over 25 we’re not really in our window

To answe my own question it’s these guys currently are best 22 and will be for the foreseeable future
Heppel 26
Smith 25
Tippa 25

Then these guys are this year but will they be for long.
Hurley 28
Hooker 29
Bellcho 28

I think we’re years of our window. We were trending that way but saga and losing half a dozen guys in trade killed it. We have a very healthy list Heppel and under but it will take a few years to mature.

Ironically it might be talls we need to go with the younger brigade and not more mids. Haha let that blow people’s minds. Because we have Daniher and Stewart and that’s about it.


Also such a side is likely to have farking goal-kicking coaching!


We have the talent and cattle now

It’s the team structure and coaching panel that is letting things down.

When we play footy like against Geelong we can beat almost any team

Unfortunately guys like Goddard, Zaharakis, Baguley, Myers aren’t gonna get a flag and hence why Zaka should be looked at being traded while he has value.


I definitely think we have more talent than our seasons record suggests

On the bit I’ve quoted, I’m not convinced. I think we can beat any team who has a down day, let’s us play our game and doesn’t bring finals intensity to the game. Given we haven’t won a final I think our record gets fluffed a bit by winning games other teams haven’t set themselves for. Until your in the top 4 and beating other top 4-6 teams regularly you can’t really say we can beat anyone.


Because this year has brought them back to reality. They are a long way off challenging. If Ross the Boss survives this year, he probably wont see the end of next season. They are already looking like they are going back to another rebuild so perhaps he seeks better options and more cash.


Hey Nat don’t like reality? Then come to Essemdon where each year is crazier than the last


Didn’t say he would end up here, but if he was thinking of going, this season would go a long way to making up his mind.


They have debuted like 6+ rookies this year. It wasn’t a crash back to reality. They knew what was going to happen. They have started the huge rebuild since last year.


Would anyone trade Joey for Lynch? Would it be worth it or would it be just a nil all draw. I would hate to see a Daniher playing anywhere else.