Trade Targets


Yep. They’ve taken their medicine since making a granny in 2013. We’re having convulsions in a taxi en route to a night on the ■■■■ swearing black and blue we’re “not sick I swear.”



Even more ridiculously I have heard a rumour of a Daniher - Darcy Moore possible swap discussion which would make no sense from our perspective. It would suit the Pies as Darcy Moore seems all but gone and they are desperate for a genuine key forward.


Do you guys think that Hurley, who just turned 28, will be around for our next flag? It’s hard to say. He’s the one that teams would pay overs for. Look at Gold Coast for example, they’re desperate to just be competitive. And look what they paid for Weller. We could totally raid their young untapped talent / picks in a trade for Hurley - if they could convince him to go…


Love how this board constantly talk about bringing in 28 year olds because they have 3-4 years of good footy left, but when talking about our 28 year olds they won’t have much time left int he game and we should trade them while we can.


■■■■ me dead.

he has gotten where hes gotten to not because his surname is daniher, but becuase hes a highly fkg talented player capable of kicking 70 goals per year.

first time we get a genuine key forward capable of amassing heaps of goals per year since lloyd, and you want to trade him?


After everything we have done to Hurley, do you really want to ask him(while under an already juicy contract)to uproot his life away from family and friends and finish his career out at a ■■■■■ club in front of 7k each week.

Seriously, What do you reckon he would say ?


Dale Morris and Matthew Boyd were 33 when they won the flag in 2016 so anything is possible.


We don’t know when our next flag is going to be so of course it’s hard to say.
It probably doesn’t seem close at the moment and plenty would need to change to make it so, but considering how quickly clubs like Richmond and the Bulldogs came from nowhere, you just never know.


Like I previously posted, a good forward doesn’t miss “as badly” as Joe does.

I certainly would not put Lloyd and Joe in the same bracket. If Joe could kick as well as Lioyd, then I certainly wouldn’t trade.

I can’t see Joe spending too much time on the park if he continues to take leaps for mark of the year every odd game.

I see many parallels between Joe & Fish ( remember him?), who turned out to be a better ruck than a forward.

One last point, I’m not saying trade Joe for peanuts.


No, I wouldnt put Joe in the same bracket as Lloyd either. Lloyd was the pinnacle of the full forward. But Joe is the best forward we have had SINCE Lloyd, and the only forward we have had since Lloyd, almost 10 years, that is capable of single handedly commanding the forwardline, kick winning bags of goals, provide a lynchpin etc etc etc… we have been crying out for a forward like him for a decade, now we have it.

Im sorry but theres no way you can justify trading out joe at the moment.


yeh like maybe if we could get Lynch for Joe, you could probably stomach it, but we would ahve to pay lynch twice as much…Our forwardline is back to being a bit of a hodge podge, and im happy seeing Stringer burn it up in the midfield.
We need our A grade star back in the team.


Joe is about 1 of 10 i would not trade at the moment, the other 30 odd no troubles.


FFS! People should be banned for talking about trading Joe.


Joe for Moore + DeGoey?


I hope the Pies completely stuff this up

Moore, DeGoey and others leave anyway as given opportunity and they don’t get Lynch anyway.


Where do you draw the line on Who or What a person should talk about?

Such thinking is the architect of great destruction and the bane of human history.

You don’t have to agree with the point of view of others, but to completely go

Mao? FFS


If you are referring to Sloane - we don’t have to give up any draft picks to acquire him.

Hurley isn’t a free agent so a club would have to provide picks/players to facilitate a move.


im sure its just a hyperbolic statement to point out the idiocy in even suggesting that joe is traded.


Hyperbolic, you say? Hmmm


yeah… I do?