Trade Targets




I think my push in 2015 to trade some of our older quality players and do a real rebuild is looking like it was a good call. I honestly don’t know if I’d prefer us to do a full, trade-out rebuild now. This season has stuffed me on analysing how far we are away. On talent I don’t think we’re too far. On performance we’re miles off.


Trade out the coaches then? At the very least some of the assistants.


If it gets rid of the current gameplan I’m very happy with getting rid of the coaches. I watch the EPL, I’ve seen how dramatic the impact of changing managers/coaches can be. I’m surprised when teams are around the mark it doesn’t happen more in the AFL.

I’d keep Skipworth, but move him back to the forward line. I’m still staggered we got it working the best its been in a decade, and then promptly move the coach responsible out.


No that is not what I am referring to.


Who you target depends on how you are going about it.

If you are trading away draft picks to get somebody then they better have more than 4-5 years left. But for a FA, who cares, it’s just cap space which you have to manage.

A good scenario to look at is Wines, when you get him he is 25, played over 120 games and a genuine inside mid gun. How many top level draft picks do you need to get an equivalent? Could fluke it with a pick in the 30’s or you could bury two top ten and still not find a player as good as Wines. Given our list profile and need - he is somebody we should be chasing extremely hard.

However if you can’t get him, then a 3-4 FA would bridge any gap to finding one in the draft. Unfortunately this year there are no unrestricted FA’s worth chasing.


You weren’t the only one calling for this but unfortunately we are wasting our breath because Essendon do not do full rebuilds. Full rebuilds hit the bottom line, so it will not happen unfortunately.


I heard a whisper he might consider going to Sydney, Darcy that is.


The “whisper” is actually a shout that he has agreed to terms. No idea how true it is.


Very few teams ever do a full rebuild, and the few that have in recent times are still down the bottom.


Not quite true.

Doggies traded out Brian Lake and Griffen and won a flag.

Hawks did a full rebuild 2004, i think, won a flag 2008, then won 3 in a row with mostly the same stars from 2008.

To a lesser extent North have just done one and are ARGUABLY in a better position than us, one year after we played finals.

It doesn’t guarantee anything but as a hindsight call maybe if we did one in the last 15 years we would have better success to show for it.

Irrelevant because Essendon don’t do them.


That’s not a full rebuild!

I said very few, the Hawks did it once and haven’t done it since. North didn’t want to but were forced into it by players refusing to come to the club, they were trying to avoid it by clearing cap space for a raid on other clubs.


North actually still have a very experienced senior side. They aren’t playing that many kids.

And they tanked hard last year, but still were competitive in most of their games despite the losses.

Dogs did not want Griffen to go, he’d made his mind up so then they went after Boyd heavily.

Lake was what 31 or something when went to Hawks. His choice also, not club choosing to trade.


Selling off your captain who is one of your best players and a KP star is bold, was sucessful and is as close to a full rebuild as what you will get considering how inexperienced their flag team was.

What are we classifying as a full rebuild?

What are you talking about North were forced into it? North were chasing players like Kelly and Martin, they made a choice to do a rebuild and so far arguably appear to have made the right call.


They didn’t ‘sell him off’ though.
They got what they could for someone who wanted to leave, cutting their losses.


The reasons why he left or was sold, and depending on who you believe they are debatable, the result of trading or retiring damn good players can be successful.


Yes they can be.
But that wasn’t the point. They didn’t choose to trade out Griffen as part of a ‘total rebuild’ as you put it. That is a salient point in your argument. Isn’t it? And even if it was their own choice (which it wasn’t, I can assure you), it was hardly a total rebuild.


He was thinking about quitting footy, lost love of game & didn’t want to be captain with the pressure.

Leon Cameron old *coach heard and convinced him otherwise.

Dogs did not want to trade him & Gordon went nuts over it, then they went all in on Boyd.


My point, if you look back a few posts, is that Essendon dont do real rebuilds and that maybe if over the last 15 years we did do one we might have had some sucess.

Why the Dogs trades came about is irrelevant to the outcome though but of course this whole discussion is irrelevant as Essendon don’t do rebuilds.


You’ve been believing too many fluff pieces from the media. The whole thing started with him falling out with McCartney but why it happened is irrelevant to it working. He got them Boyd who you could argue won them that flag.