Trade Targets


Well that pretty much shows the differential right there!

They have got 5 high quality players via AFL sanctions, whereas we have one through an accident of genetics - and JD deciding to come here rather than to Snydey where he could have also gone.

So there is no need for that “but” in your post.

Unless it is like this song from the 1960s that not many people here will remember, let alone the context, but one of its couplets was:

“Sydney’s got its strippers,
But we’ve got Granny Davis”


And all of little Mascot will fit in its (Tullamarine’s) canteen

And we’ve got Ron Barassi


Technically, that is not one stuff up but multiple stuff ups.

This club has had so very many stuff ups across so many areas for so long.

Yet we continue to support it. Strange, yes?


Thought you would remember that.


“Sydney’s got its strippers,
but we have Arthur Rylah”

I defy millennials to decipher that without using a search engine.


Ambrose & Baguley weren’t since 2014 but carry on…


If players who are reportable gettable l Would be happy with:

  • Gaff is a gun and makes us much better (I think he is basically a better version of Zaharakis)
  • Wallis is definitely best 22 (not top 5 but as previously mentioned is a regular goal scorer and would add to mix)
  • Sloane definitely has 2 good years probably 3 and I don’t understand why we wouldn’t be all over him
  • Beams if he wanted to come back he would be my number 1 player to make an impact next year
  • Wines would be most expensive but that is for a reason and while I would not say no I would be wary of paying overs and not getting value
  • Cunnington (caveat I haven’t seen or heard rumours about him) i think teaming up with another Cobden boy would be great and I love how tough he is, if North were ■■■■ as expected we could have offered him a hope of playing finals. Still at North he may as well be playing in front of Cobden crowds.

Out of all of them I would want Beams and Cunnington the most and think we would not have to sell the farm.

I think we should not be putting up our first pick next year, and assuming Goddard is our only significant $ retirement then I would be willing to put up a combo of;

  • 2nd Rounder
  • trade of future 1st Round for later play pick
  • Lav and/or Lang
  • Parish, Myers, Francis or any other fringe player who they want

Maybe something like:

  • Beams for Parish and one of Lav/Lang/Francis/2nd Round
  • Cunnington and later pick for next years 1st and one of Lav/Lang/Francis


Ben Ronke was on full display as a B & F winner at the Calder Cannons, right under our noses last year. Whispers were that he was doing some extraordinary things during games that really had some people really seeing his potential. We had some interest apparently and were going to rookie him on some kind of list, but the Swans just grabbed him for their rookie list from right under our noses. Should not have happened. He had many of the the attributes we’re looking for in future midfielders - pace, skills, run all day, indomitable will to win. It’s easy to recruit stars that request a place on your list, but it’s the little rough diamonds like Ben Ronke of this comp that you have to find to be a successful AFL recruiter. Great recruiting by the Swans and another example of astute spotting and nabbing by them - from another city, mind you! No excuses for our recruiting dept.


It’s that Wil Hayward selection the pick just before Ridley that still stings me.


Well, no. But that’s a matter of drawing a line at one point or a different point - isn’t it?

Or are you suggesting there was some quantum shift in thinking (other than the obvious) then?

(Also Cunningham was 2013 - but I reckon drawing a line here, or there, is besides the point.
We’ve generally only been going 1 or 2 new rookies every year for a long while, but that’s netted us 4 or 5 guys who are out there today, which I reckon is a pretty good hit rate)


Others wanted Witherden.

We got Ridley who’s looked good.

Live with it.



Looks like Mitch Wallis’s quality increases with every seconds game he plays.

I can’t see it. I’d rather play Redman or Guelfi or Clarke or Mutch over him.

And we don’t trade out Francis.




Get him.

Port, Saints and Dees are still due for payback


Billings isn’t interested in going anywhere.


its not about what billings wants, its about what i want.


I think when someone says “full rebuild” they have something very specific in mind. They mean a large turnover in the list in a short period of time, low finishes to collect high draft picks, focussing on playing and developing youth and USUALLY trading out older players with currency. The last isn’t certain, clubs do try and avoid it. St Kilda and Carlton certainly have tried recently (Gibbs and Tuohy wanting out wasn’t driven by Carlton).

This is to separate what is meant from the general rebuilding/recycling of the list that is always occurring to one degree or another. The failure of the drafting/trading doesn’t stop it being a rebuild. The Carlton (Ratten) and Melbourne (Neeld) rebuilds didn’t stop being full rebuilds because they failed.

The two EFC periods you refer don’t (IMO) count as “full rebuilds” due to a few features. For the 2001-2003 period:

  • we weren’t finishing down low
  • the team was actively trying to win the premiership, and focussed on wins over developing youth
  • the players traded out were predominantly young. Other than Hardwick they were players who normally would move the team forward down the line.
  • our hand was forced (salary cap and Jacobs) so we got poor value and we brought in older players.

It was all focused on the now. For the 2013 to 2016 period I would also argue because:

  • again, the players traded out were not older, but players who would be impacting after the rebuild
  • we had the opportunity to trade out older players for good value but chose not to. We didn’t even move them on until it was obvious they were done (Winders, Dempsey)
  • we were aiming at finals in 2013 and 2015, made finals in 2014. The goal wasn’t development. We were back in finals in 2017, it was hardly a development year.
  • we had the draft penalties

Of course, we have changed over a lot of the list. That doesn’t mean the process followed to get here is what I would call a “full rebuild “. A lot was also forced on us. EFC hasn’t embarked on a full rebuild for decades (ever?).


Saints would want Parish for Billings


Maybe it’s time we start repaying these clubs and go in dry without lube


Well, I’d hate to go in dry with lube :wink: