Trade Targets


I’d like to trade this one for one that looks more like a human silhouette if anyone has one they don’t need.



Thos one is probably up your alley.



Looks good. Wanna swap?


You might need to throw some steak knives in.


Jake Melksham?



Was expecting you to offer David Myers, I’ll take Melksham.

I suppose you want a third rounder back.


Yep. Early third.


He’s the new Anthony Miles!

Don’t reckon we need any more slowish guys, or guys who have limitations on their disposal.


Done deal, but my Fax machine just broke.


Anyone reckon Target got better after the actor who played Target died, and it was just the weird pale chick, Robbie Ross and that ranga wingnut?


■■■■■■ hell! All my jackets are in the wash too.


Would people be opposed to trading Parish if it got us Wines??



We need more quality mids. One in, one out doesn’t help us at all. Parish will be a very good footballer.


There’s a big difference between Wines and Parish though, time will tell whether Parish can close that gap; needs to find his niche in the middle though preferably as a silky inside terrier


I’d do it.


It’d probably be a net loss when you factor in the premium you would pay for Wines in terms of salary




Imo the certainty of knowing what you are going to get is well worth that premium


Get Saad in the ear of some quality GC players,Smith in the ear of some GWS boys,and Stringer onto some Doggies.


He’s 34.