Trade Targets


Good hope we get him


At the right price I’d consider it.




We do need an inside mid for sure.

Wines likely still target #1 but as a fall back and a free agent also so will cost wayyyy less.

He’s one of the players who clipped Stringer over professionalism & whether fully committed at end of last year


gotta love the quoted links to Essendon. Tenuous would be an exaggeration.
Surprised Niall didn’t add that Wallis was seen driving by the Hangar on the way to the airport for tonights game confirming an interest in joining the bombers.


Seems maybe we are not going after him because he has told us he is re-signing with Port?


Been plenty of articles on the ‘set to re-sign’ as it’s an expectation he will and Port certainly keeps saying so, understandably.

But until it happens he’d still be in play. Wines himself still saying recently its up in the air.

It’s the big contract of his career at his age. And if he stays in SA for next 5-6yrs then he probably isn’t coming back. But the family pull is in Melb.

Do it Ollie! DO IT!


Does anyone believe that information (the long article) is real, or just off blitz? I’m pretty dubious myself.

I’d be staggered if we’ve gone cold on Gaff, given how into him we previously were and his RFA status.


What’s the bet Gaff gets to the Hawks because of Cyril?


Was told today that Aaron Hall has officially told the Suns he wants out and is keen to get to a Melbourne club. His defensive aspects worry me but at the right price he could be a bargain as he has no problem getting the ball and uses it pretty well. Wonder if we are even slightly interested in him?


What would you consider the right price for this guy?


Late 2nd early 3rd rounder for me.


someone as fast as aaron hall has no ■■■■■■■ excuse for not being defensive.


Turns 28 in November

I’ll pass.


I think we were, once… not sure if we still are.


Yeah I think that horse has bolted. We were very keen to add guys 25 and under last year. If anything we look further away so I don’t see that changing this year. I guess the caveat is always price.


Send them Myers. Protect the kids & all that…


And Blitz reckon Zaka is a front runner.
This guy makes downhill skiers look like they are the SAS.
No thanks.


Aaron halls down games are horrific and plentiful. His up games are awesome.

For me, its a no


I think we need to add a fit, reasonably quick two way mid that uses it well. Doesn’t seem to be anyone available that fits the bill. I’m not massive on Wallis but he would certainly be an upgrade on Myers.