Trade Targets


We’ve got 3 pretty good recruits for 2019 in Daniher, Gleeson and Colyer.

Another year development in Francis, Redman, Guelfi, Ridely, etc.

We should be heading back to draft and picking some mature age in late rounds.


Are you serious? I put sloane as a much better player than beams and he is a free agent so we wouldn;t need to give up anything. I don’t get why the club would say sloane is too old but would be keen on beams for much more outlay. They are roughly the same age i think.


Beams is a month older.
Sloane would be my preference too out of those 2.


Sloan is very very very overrated.

He is Zaka like when tagged.


Would he offer much more than what we would expect Parish - in his 4th year - to provide??

IMO he would probably only get in the way of Parish’s development


I’m not too sure Sloane has much good footy left…blokes who treat their bodies as battering rams rarely go past 30.

Beams not so much.

Depends on the relative prices, but if it was as a pure footballer, I’m all for Beams…even with my aversion to tatts.


Agree with that. Sloane is very much a crash and bash intensity player although his current injury isn’t really a symptom of that style of play. It’s incredible to me that a player like Joel Selwood has been as durable as he has been given his underage injury history and the style in which he plays. I see Cripps going down that path given all the strapping he plays with mid to late season each year. Parkin used to say some players need to be saved from themselves, think young Cripps might be a good example of that.


Lets do a Hawthorn and get the player we need regardless

Wines is a gun
We need a player limehum


Like him


Agree, but it is a good problem to have


Beams has a dud quad. It can only handle half of the running load that the other can handle before it is ready to pop. Chronic issue and part of the reason Pies did so well to get that 1st rounder from Lions.


Unlike Hawthorn we dont have the gun medical department and recent premiership success.

As much as we need Wines, he doesnt need us.


Beams has been phenomenal at the Lions, so whilst I don’t have the delicate insight into his quadriceps that you appear to, I’d say that Brisbane have done very well out of it.


I like Wallis and I think he will help fill the void left by Jobe never said he’s a gun.

Not every player we target needs to be a gun.


Hearing we have definately enquired about Norths Braydon Preuss despite him being signed until 2020.

Fair to say being made to wait behind Goldstein and now Daw may not have sat well…


Don’t mind Dr Preuss, but surely he would want to go somewhere where he is the #1 ruck from day 1? Belly is younger than Goldstein. Feels like Geelong would be more suitable.


Someone is chummy with the captain.


So your saying we can get him cheap.



Essendon is among the clubs interested in Western Bulldogs midfielder and free agent Mitch Wallis, who has been out of favour at Whitten Oval for much of this season.

The Bombers are keen to acquire an inside midfielder and have identified Wallis, who is a restricted free agent, among their potential midfield targets.

Wallis is weighing up a potential move and despite a handsome reputation at his father’s old club is viewed as "gettable’’ by rivals, largely because he spent time in the VFL in this season. The Bulldogs have recalled him to the seniors for their Thursday night clash with Port Adelaide.

Essendon, like other Melbourne clubs, would have loved to snare powerful Port Adelaide midfielder Ollie Wines, but the Dons recognise that Wines is set to re-sign with Port and are looking at other options.

While several clubs are keen on West Coast free agent Andrew Gaff, the Bombers have not been one of the strong suitors for Gaff, because they feel their main need is for an inside midfielder, having lost the retired Jobe Watson and having Zach Merrett and David Zaharakis and others to provide outside run.

Wallis missed the Bulldogs’ 2016 premiership after breaking his leg during that storied season. He overcame that serious injury to return to the side in round nine of last year, playing seven games in 2017.

Wallis was relegated to the VFL in the first two games of this season in a sign that he was out of favour. His stature at the Bulldogs was sufficient for him to be a restricted free agent, which means his 2018 salary places him in the top 25 percent of players. Fellow midfielders Luke Dahlhaus and Tom Liberatore are also free agents this year. Unlike Wallis, Dahlhaus has indicated a preference to stay to the club.

He returned to the seniors for round three and played seven consecutive games - averaging 21 disposals - before he was dropped again for the round 10 game against Collingwood.

Wallis’ father Steve played 261 games for the Bulldogs over a distinguished 14-year career. Mitch was recruited to the Dogs under the father-son rule.

Steve Wallis has some links with Essendon, having a car dealership in the Essendon area with former player manager John Andrews, who is involved in an Essendon coterie.