Training 10/12

Beautiful day at the Hangar. Players had a good session.

Daniher and Parish running together. Parish has a quad nick. Both seemed to run quite well for the hour or so that they were there.

Ball movement drills seemed to go pretty smoothly. Speed and accuracy was quite good. Heppell and Shiel both looked good. Mutch not so, very indecisive today and lacked confidence. Francis dropped his head after kicking into the man on the mark, but looked good otherwise.

Lavender played in defence and looked okay coming out of the backline. Still not sure what role he plays.

Stewart’s hands were quite good today. Brown’s kicking was a bit off.

Particularly noticed the midfield group running on the second oval, consisting of Hep, Shiel, McGrath, Langford, Myers, Mutch, Clarke, Stringer, Ridley and Draper. A mixture of shuttle runs and shoulder bumps. Stringer and Draper were at the back of all runs, but McGrath and Ridley kept the pace well. Hep seemed very impressed with the pace, saying ‘this is elite boys’

After the run, Skippy and Kel sat the players down in the goalsquare, asking the players why they were doing the extra running, saying ‘we’re prepping you for when you’ll need it - on Grand Final day’. Shiel also noted that every club was doing the same thing, that we have to keep pushing hard to get to where we want.


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