Training 2019


When does training resume for 2019?




Certainly before the season starts


But after the JLT ends


Don’t listen to them.

How the FK, should I know, I’m on holidays.


Check the club website

(actually don’t…they’re giving nothing away…2019 training will all take place at secret locations and times)


I have heard it’s 10th January. I’m fairly confident that’s accurate but don’t shoot me if I’m wrong.


Haven’t heard anything about it here.


Think they had a 3 week holiday. Take the date of the last report and add 3 weeks.


Are you saying Black Ops?




Say that again…

“The Bombers will return from the Christmas break in mid-January.”. So I assume that means Monday January 14th.


Yep. I can’t remember where I got that date from, but it is one that I put in my calendar.


It’s amazing! I didn’t either while I was passing through yesterday.
Nothing in Coonamble either.
I’ll see what Lightning Ridge has to offer up.


Do we need to train? From the pre-Christmas training reports I think we’re good to go.


All i wanted was a date the guys return to training so i can take my 3 year old daughter


I think you can assume no one is sure.


Never assume. There is even a saying about it.


“Assume the position”

Yes, potentially an unpleasant outcome.


I read somewhere that all clubs now have a mandatory 3 week break including the week pre Christmas. I believe all clubs and players are back on Monday January 14.

Until then plenty of nothing but :poop: articles to read.