Training 2019


The last training was 19th December, 3 weeks from then is 9th January. The first session will be either the 9th, 10th or 11th, but I heard it was the 10th


I won’t be as cryptic this time, the above is a quote from the club website:


She probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. Maybe start her on under 10s or something.


I was told today by an AFL player’s relative that GWS start back on 9th January. Assume Essendon would be the same.


So you didn’t speak to one of the Shiel clan then


Not a Sheil, different GWS family.

It was interesting to hear the guys basically don’t slow down their training over the break. They get together in small groups and go to local ovals most days. Their holiday is just training in a different setting.


Apparently a number of clubs are back and have hit the track today. I guess the AFALPA can try to mandate a 3 week break, but if the players want to go back to the club and train, can the AFLPA stop them ? You know they could call the players scabs and form a picket line out the front of the clubs. Right ?


Comments on Rutten… From the AFL site.

Rutten’s arrival at Essendon is said to have had All Australian defenders Michael Hurley and Cale Hooker licking their lips with increased structure the biggest difference ahead of 2019.
A premiership assistant at Richmond in 2017, Rutten’s role will focus largely on key position players at both ends of the ground.
However, with his defensive traits, it’s his impact on Hurley and Hooker that will go a long way in the Bombers being harder to score against compared to their leaky ways of 2018.


I am starting to panic about Training. I hope someone hasn’t forgotten to organise it?


No need to worry, Dean Wallis has it all under control.


Overheard the receptionist say earlier today that players are back officially on Thursday.

There were some players doing some work this morning, can’t tell you who they were as I just briefly dropped into the shop.





Clubs finished at different times before the XMAS break,hence teams will start back on different days - And players can use the clubs facilities 365 days a year if they desire - Anyway continue your conspiracy theories.


Leaky ways?

Article’s takin the p.i.s.s surely?


AFL website showing the return of training for a few clubs including 2km runs etc . It might have been discussed in another thread but are time trial times ever revealed for Essendon players? Any fan ever close enough to hear the times? ( I assume Brent ‘Skills’ Stanton stills wins our time trials).


Well he was good until Ambrose beat him but Stants is currently coaching at Carlton. That makes it difficult for him to win our time trial!


I always assumed there was


Intraclub on the 23rd Feb? Blitz BBQ?


Where did you hear that Matt? Looking forward to the best event of the preseason.