Training 2019


I want live commentary, you bastardos.

(I’ll be crossing from India into Nepal at the time.)


I’d be very surprised if the club has an intraclub 5 days before the first preseason game. That’s poor player management.


I would still back him in.


Never assume as you may make a A s s out of u and me


Can someone explain that one for me please?


It’s only Carlton.


I would back Stants in golf against any of the current players. But BJ might have had the better of Stants in golf.


god i miss training reports…


Training dates from efc website below. I reckon this Friday will just be to dust off the cobwebs, but still if you can get along then a training report is always much appreciated. Personally I’m aiming for Monday 21/1 … I really need a fix.

Friday January 11, 10am
Wednesday January 16, 10am
Monday January 21, 10am
Friday February 1, 10am
Wednesday February 6, 10am
Wednesday February 13, 10am
Saturday February 23, 10am
Wednesday February 27, 11.00am


Seriously though, isn’t every session an “open” training session???.. I have been to so many training sessions over the last 2 years, and its not like they close the gates.


Pretty much. I suppose they’re cutting themselves some slack with the “closed” sessions so that they can move them or conduct them indoors without annoying too many supporters. But yeah, generally you can go to a session not designated as “open” without any problem.


They used to be a bit more guarded with it. 2014 when Bomber was coaching us i remember him making a point at a launch event that training was open to fans to watch again.

Sounds like there were a few years where clubs were trying to go full NFL style to keep scouts and spies out.



Sash droops to the right.


O M G!!! O M G!!! O M G!!!


Promoting “Open” training sessions helps send the message that the Club is trying to engage with fans. Also getting people out to the Hanger and into the Bomber Shop and increasing sales would be a factor too.


Red sash isn’t surrounded by black, delist the board, sack Hird and burn everything to the ground


It’s an optical illusion to do with the grassy knoll that’s lurking.


It does make sense to follow up an intense full match practice with only light training …


How many of the sessions they do on other, non publicised sessions they do indoors have you been too?

They do many more sessions than what we see.