Training 2019


This seems to be saying that they’re starting back tomorrow, ie 10 January, but it’s 11 January that’s listed as the open session. I guess they can train two days in a row but I thought it was usually every second day.


Let’s hope @nackers, @Deckham & @MattPocock18 have cleared their schedules for training!?

The reports are almost better than being there in person.


My guess is basic testing, time trials and such then into full training on Friday.


Well, der.


I think I’m free all bar this Friday.

In regards to the intraclub, I don’t know anything. It was an assumption, as it was the only Saturday training. I think we had the intraclub before the first JLT last year?


Yes I should be there tomorrow, not sure about Friday though. If anyone wants to pop in and say hello, I’ll be the one with the binoculars.


I’ll be building a deck tomorrow, and hopefully there Friday.


Is that a euphemism?


These products might come in handy …


What? My deck broke and I need a new deck… a real nice shiny big deck. So my guests can play on my deck to their heart’s content. Nothing like a great big deck to keep the guests happy. Deck. Deck deck deck.


You might get a harder time with your user name if this was a NZ forum…


I’ll put up some nice pics of my deck when I’m finished. Or I can send deck pics to whoever wants some.


If that doesn’t bring @donnington out of the woods nothing will.




Ah, boys and their decks…


I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow is the much harder session. The sessions they advertise as open are often fairly light affairs so I wouldn’t be expecting a big session on Friday


What time is training tomorrow?


It normally starts at 10am although occasionally it can be a little earlier


I have the least panic about anything this year than previous off seasons. The club has a certain “feel” to it, it knows where it is going and what it has to do to get there.

Over the last 5-6 years there was a lot to panic about. Seems not as much any more. We dont even have something like Stringers hair cut to panic about this year.

I have mild concerns about JOEDANS groins, but not yet panic. It could easily escalate. Could any training watchers give a special comment on the state of JOEDAN?

In fact, I can feel myself panicking about having nothing to panic about.


In the words of Macklemore, it’s “big, long, pink, strong, and been known to dance, like, all night long”.