Training 21/1/19

Nice morning at The Hangar. Sun out, warmish conditions, little to no wind.

I’ll keep this brief, as I didn’t see all of training. A few notes on players:

Houlahan - Was receiving a massage on his hip from DJ when I got there. Did a few runs, then went in. Slight concern.

Daniher - upped his work rate today, is moving pretty well. Still not sure about Round 1, but looks better with every day. More sprinting and kicking drills today, seemed to go quite well.

Ham - moves really well in traffic, nice user of the ball. Good speed, seems to have a good footy brain as well. One to watch.

Walla - looking as good as ever I’ve seen him.

Stewart - EXCELLENT! Done what I’ve been waiting for from him for a while - he has a presence! Marking, moving and kicking beautifully, has had a great pre-season.

Ridley - a slight concern. Uses it okay from a set shot, but was told off for lacking voice in stoppage drills. Also got caught a couple of times in match play. Hopefully just an off day.

Hurley - more of a vocal leader today, and a general in defence. Looking really good.

Long - was really clean a couple of times in difficult situations. Looking a lot fitter too.

Did not see Francis or Shiel. Modified group included Daniher, Smith, Begley, Heppell and Oraaaaaazio. Saad was back today, did not appear to be fat.

Didn’t think the disposal during match play was as good as I’d seen in recent times, but maybe that was because the pressure went up. One effort from McGrath drew raptuous applause from teammates, though I didn’t see the play.


thanks matt, nice report!

Thanks Matt!

Thanks Matt, good report. Any sighting of McKenna?

Great report. Very encouraging to hear about Stewart.


RE Shiel. He was there for first 30-45 minutes. See picture as proof


Francis was there as well for first 60-90 minutes. Disappeared into the hanger with a trainer. Looked to be walking fine.


It’s good to read about Stewart and Smack doing well this preseason. As Joey makes his way back these two are going to be important before and after his return.


I didn’t see him. He may have been there early and gone in.

McKenna was on the modified group oval for first hour. Mainly just running with breaks.

After he spent most his time by the marquee chatting to a lot of players during the match simulation on the hanger side of the oval.


On another topic, the breadth of Blitz training reporters has expanded significantly this pre season! I don’t know where you guys all find the time but I’m very grateful.


I’m bullish about smacks prospects this year. Never tend to hear too much about him during pre season, but he seems to be killing it this year. If that translates to consistent form then we could have a 40 goal forward for us.


Afternoon shifts and living close to the ground helps.


I’ll add some notes I had.

Laverde mixed up his training with main group and modified group.

As did Raz, begley, Saad and Heppell. Re Heppell as I said elsewhere. Some asked if he’s injured he just said he’s getting older.

Smith mixed it up between both groups. He was really challenging players and coaches in a small group. Was 4 vs 2 and the attacking four had to kick long to a one on one often 2 talls. Didn’t seem happy today.

Kobe Mutch looked really good. Tackling, clean disposals and a lot of intercepts.

Dea: looked really good. Clean, tackled well and very vocal.


You live at the airport?


It’s a joke about the airport being close to the Hangar, you know funny ha ha (or not, in this case!)

I don’t really think you live at the airport (though now I’m suspicious…!)


That was an I can’t hear you ‘what’, not a what are you on about.

These planes flyin’ over me head. Beautiful machines.




Keep out of my bedroom!

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