Training - 27th Feb

A few training notes from today.

  • Draper, Shiel and Rids completed most of the session.
  • Merrett just walked around, assume resting the ankle. Should be right
  • Caddy didn’t do much, doubt he plays this week.
  • Kelly didn’t train - looks like a usual 3 week Hammy.

Black vs Red Team. Black team had about 18 best 22 players.

Red team included the following - Heppell, Cox, Lav, Guelfi, Menzie, Setterfield, Hobbs (no contact hat still) Weid, Bryan and Hind.

Draper was in Red as was Shiel, Rids in the Black.

Most interesting today was Lav lining up in the fwd line for the Red team. Did okay, took a mark and kicked it straight. Maybe the joker in the pack?

Nothing specific that they worked on, usual skills, match sim and some contested marking and goal kicking.


If Reid and Ridley stay fit, forward might be Lav’s best bet. He could become a handy swing man (Hooker lite).


Lav forward or back?

It doesn’t matter anyway, Geelong will injure him.


With Reid, McKay & Ridley as 3 tall backs, we very much need 3 quality ground level players redman, mcgrath & martin as the smaller backs, with maybe a mid rotating back as the 7th.
No room for LAV until injury or form creates a spot.


I would pick LAV as a forward ahead of Jones and Weideman, at least will create a contest.


We look good playing against ourselves.
The shame is other teams look awesome.


Yeah, this concerns me.

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Did Wright train fully?

Sorry forgot him, yes trained fully. Right to go


I think Lav switching back to the forward line is good move, backline starting to look ok, he can plug a forward hole, Lav will compete, always has.


Oh boy, Scott getting desperate.


What about Stringer?

Hasn’t been doing much training of late

Lav going fwd may be in part if both he & Caddy not right, on top of defence log jam

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On exposed VFL form Lav would be the best of the tall forwards we have. He kicked a few bags back in the day

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Trained fully in the black team and looked sharp


Except for Wright and Langford

From my perspective:

  • Forward entries (bombing it and hoping for the best).
  • Despite the focus during the off-season , the Saints cut through our defence like we were traffic cones at times.

the real tragedy of last friday’s debacle is that it burst our preseason euphoria-bubble. been sombre to depressing in here since.


Season feels over.

When does trade week start?


He never really produced the goods as a forward at senior level though. Didn’t lock down a position in the seniors until he went back . He was also very very injury prone as a forward.

I can see it as a break glass in case of emergency solution though. He can’t be worse than weid and Jones were on Friday. He is strong and brave in the air, he’ll give a better contest

I think it’s a very clear indication though that there are big doubts on the fitness of draper and caddy and that the coaches have no confidence in weid or Jones (for good reason)