Training Friday 5/1/18

For anybody nearby that may want to pop in and have a look the players are about to come out on the oval. From the cones already on the ground it looks like it will be a normal training session.

If anyone wants to come along and say hello I’m wearing a black Foxtel cap and will probably be on the wing


Oh, you beauty! Now I have finally something to do at work :smile:


sit there doing nothing whilst you wait for a training report?


Yep… still waiting btw.

You could say that.

So, ah…cricket update?

Aussies are batting

Nackers must be writing the mother of all training reports.

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Spoiler Alert : We are 1/68

Four hour session under a hot sun. Woosha getting them ready to potentially play 2 games in a row. We will be the fittest team to ever play Australian Rules.


That’s one way to run off the Christmas pudding.

Melbourne players were interested onlookers at Essendon training today believing the expected temp of 29 posed a serious health and safety risk. They were keen to offer support in whatever capacity they could.

In unrelated news, previews for the upcoming Avengers movie in May and Xmen movie in November are nothing short of sensational …


Thread fails to deliver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@nackers stop your sun baking on the hill and fkn lift your game son!

Over promising and under delivering


I went to training.

Was there about 45mins and could really hear the line coaches ‘coaching’ structures, positioning etc…
Whilst I couldn’t hear the content 95% of the time, what was clear was that AFL footy is complex on how it guards, protects and creates space. I focused on a handful of players that I’m particularly interested in.

Overall the session was at 80-85% intensity as instructed from the coaches (that I did hear)
Skills were somewhat sloppy but meh, it really was just a break- in session after Christmas.

Observations on specific players:

Ben McNeice:

Surprisingly very vocal. AT one stage he was guiding players on how to do a drill as they weren’t following it properly…Harvs was running the drill and said ‘That’s right Benny’
Was very impressed with his skill level by foot, def right up there with best couple at the club.
I really think he may surprise this year and grab a spot in the backline.
In saying that, Bags looks fit and sharp. Could one play back pocket, one at half back pushing a McKenna to a wing?

Devon Smith:

Again, disposal very clean…just a clean quick, composed footballer.
He’s everything I want Colyer to be, but isn’t.
Sure, he is not as quick, but an upgrade nonetheless imo.


Yeah well…um…seemed non plussed to me, jogging around, kind of below the enthusiasm and intensity of others.
Also had to get treated for his hammy/back after only 40 mins on the track.


Both zipping and zapping, buzzing around and looking very sharp.


Absolutely has put on a bit more muscle, and I believe will be a mainstay in the backline,


I know it’s only day 1 of training for the new year, but the boy is a unit and I think will incrementally improve again this year,.
hurting, shutting down, and exhasting opposition players with his run and aggression. Disposal was clean too.


Yeah, looks the right size to play mid, clean enough with his skills.


Big fark off unit!!!
Reckon 1-2 kg can still come off around his hips and body, but I liked his intensity.
Spoke to a trainer, and he too has been impressed with his intent.


Well if he can play seniors like he trained and looked today, he can absolutely be a massive asset to the side. Just needs to clean up disposal a bit, but, like most, was kicking off some cobwebs.
I thought he was very intense today, demanding the ball, running hard etc…

Hooker just ran laps.
Parish a bit bigger again.
Luen and Lav in vests, but participated.
Grounds are in top Nick.

Very excited for this year, I really look forward to future training reports as they ramp it up to Round 1.

Go Dons.


FINALLY!!! Thanks @Tippa-the-Iceberg

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Thanks TTI. Excellent report.

It’s a pity about Francis after the initial reports in November were so good.

Did you notice Langford at all?

ban TTI posting off topic.

Loved the summary on Stringer.

Yes mate.
First thing I thought was how similar he looked to Jobe in regards to body shape.
He looks worthy of number 4 physically, the only question is whether he can rise to
the occasion mentally.

From the brief glimpses I saw of him, he looks in great nick, and seemed to be applying
himself with intent.
Again though, it really was an intro session without massive intensity.

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