Training Friday 5/1/18

Thanks for the Report TTI, great news on Ambrose, was he doing any work with the midfield at any stage ?

No Ambrose appeared to be with the backline crew.

Thanks for the report.
Which group is Lav training with?

The cleaners!!!



“…had to get treated for his hammy/back after only 40 mins on the track…”

Sounds like Francis might have tight hamstrings/lower back. They might have done scans on his hammies and theres no tear, but they want to keep him moving at lower intensity, but we see it as “lack of motivation”. The tightness starts in the hips and causes lower back tightness which then manifests as tight hammies. Just one possible explanation.


Forward aboods.

And I will edit my report to include him actually!!

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I actually need to go to Tullamarine on Wednesday. Will there be training on and at approximately what time?

Second this. Will be in Melbourne hopefully for Wed through Sun so would like to get to at least one training session.

Thanks for the report Tippa and sorry i was a bit preoccupied when we met. I was going to take some photos but left the battery to the camera in the charger at home.

Training today was in perfect conditions, mid 20’s with virtually no breeze, very rare for Tulla.

Hooker and Brown were the only ones in the modified group and just did some running and agility, movements. Ridley, Hurley, Colyer, McKenna and Draper didn’t train at all and weren’t sighted, but everyone else trained

It was a short low intensity session obviously designed to just blow off the cobwebs after the Christmas break, starting about 10.30 and finished by 11.40. There was no contested work in the whole session, either tackiling or marking, just running and kicking to position and leads. About half way through it was broken up into what seemed 3 very distinct groups of forwards, mids and defenders.

All in all it was very low key and nothing much to report on.

The exception to the short session was an unusual group consisting of Joe, Belly, Luey, Lavender, Heppell and Fanta who trained as a separate group for about 40 minutes non stop after everyone else had left the track.

The big men alternated between tapping the ball to and blocking for Heppell and Fanta who were very competitive in trying to shark the tap. Later they did about 10-15 full ground drills with just the 6 of them, passing and then running to space for the next kick.

It was my first real look at Lavender training with the group. He certainly is a very good size and is also a very smooth mover. His skills also look good and was very comfortable marking, kicking, handballing and collecting ground balls, quite unusual for someone of his size. It will certainly be interesting to see how he progresses throughout the year.


Thanks for this @nackers !

Appreciate your views on Lukey, it covers what I feel are his key attributes (smooth mover, good below his knees).

I spoke with him after training as it was his first session with the whole group. He was excited and happy with his initial session. Just happy to be part of it. The 2nd session was simply to make up for a bit of lost time.

Thanks again!


Intriguing with Fanta.


Fanta more midfield minutes, YESS!


how were the haircuts?

Pretty sure McKenna is still in Ireland - I’d suspect he’d be back this weekend ready for Monday’s training session.

Thanks for the updates. Good reading.

Would also like to see/hear more from the club. Haven’t heard much about training this year, compared to last year.

Hoping it’s all coming soon in one big video.

Any chance of listing who was in said groups, oh eagle-eyed-one? :face_with_monocle:

Colyer has been in a moon boot. No info with respect to the injury just hope it has zero to do with his previous navicular issue.


I’m sure this has been asked before but does anyone know where it’s listed on the Essendon website when the training dates and times are?

They usually release the dates for a whole month in the news section

With the greatest respect to Travie, he is no where near Top 22 in 2018 with a full list to choose from.

Runs too hard at the ball, often leaving it behind and hits the ball with “hard hands” - he is not a one touch player like most around him. If you look at guys like Raz, AMT etc., they hit the ball at halfish speed and one they have with a one touch pick up, are off at top pace…good luck catching them.

It is a shame as in all other ways because is a totally top bloke on and off the field.