Training Friday Nov 30

First the bad news. Redman went down in a lot of pain after a marking contest drill with Heppell. He was writhing around in pain for a good couple of mins before trainers took him off.
He reappeared later in a moonboot and on crutches. So a lower leg, possibly ankle, problem.
The kid doesn’t have much luck. Hopefully he dodges a bullet this time.

More positively, Jok looks impressive. He spreads well, runs all day, has a nice sidestep, puts a lot of defensive pressure on.
Ridley and Mynott also impressed. In a photo I’ll post Ridley was asked to spoil the ball coming in against Houlihan and he did just that.
He (Ridley) is bigger and has another gear he can go to when blokes are chasing him.

Francis was charged with kicking the ball from deep in the back half and not surprisingly hit blokes all morning long.

A lot of guys trained on the other oval. More than usual. Including Hooker, Zacka, Begley, Laverde, McNeice, Guelfi.
Guys who didn’t train: McKenna, Gleeson (both helping with drills), McKernan, Daniher, Mosquito, Gown, Ham. Smith came out briefly to do some bike work.
Fantasia trained on the other oval doing pretty much everything with one hand.

I have heard people comment about the mood at training being good. I agree. Bouyant is the word. Never seen it better.



Gutted for Redman, Hope it’s a small layoff.


RIP Redmond, never had a clear run at it.

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I love training but worry about the injury consequences. Only thing I dread more for injuries are intraclub games. Then preseason matches.

Hopefully it is a minor issue. I’m presume they strap joints etc to minimise against this stuff. Sh## happens.

Thanks @Begbie for the report.


Onya Begbie

Injuries part of footy, hopefully Redman is all good and it’s not a Gleeson-esque ankle as he would have been the one for Goddard’s spot.

Ridley seems to be really impressing. Was mentioned in Harding’s video also, together with TIPPA and Shiel.

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I’m excited.


Well that’s a bit mean, Red hater

Okay, this is getting a little sad now.
You might want to consider not posting the same old tired joke in places where it’s completely inappropriate.

I blame whoever it was talking about Redman getting a pre season in the thread earlier in the week.

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Who was that? Immediate ban required!

Please be okay, Mase.

Cheers for the report. NZ holiday gives me withdrawal symptoms.

You hope it’s just minor, but “writhing around in pain for a few minutes” doesn’t sound great


Are you crossing your fingers he’s just a big sook?

A time trial was held today. So, who won ? Jok, Ambo, Clarke ?
Or are we rating players against their PBs these days, since how fast you do a time trial basically does not correlate with footy ability much at all.


Maybe somebody died and he simultaneously found out at the same time as he did the injury

Mark Bolton says for you to SHUT UP

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Not Mittens, nooooooo!

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Let’s start with first past the line.

Should we be concerned that Smith is consistently reported as training indoors or on light duties? Is he joining in the drills? Thanks Beggars for the pix and report. Good stuff that keeps us pumped.