Training Monday 11/2/19


The good news for today is that Zerrett, Redman, and Mutch are doing running in the modified group along with Hooker and Gown.

A smaller group with Heppell, Smith Hurley an Langford are in runners on the main oval doing some drills so won’t join in full training.

Just drills so far and no match Sims.
I’ll send through some more later.


Cheers nackers.


Report is boring without a claim of a major injury



Refresh refresh refresh…

thanks @nackers


I can add a further report to a major injury - it looks like Begley has now joined in with the main group to do full drills


My heart just dropped, i thought you were going to say he did another knee.


Teams photo shoot also happened today




Everyone loves a photo shoot


Great news fantastic news




Hopefully the club updates the coaches profiles still using the pic of Kelly in his Essendon jumper lols.


On a list of the top 1000 things I hope the club does this year - this is not on it!

Get it done, sure, but as a matter of urgency, nah.


and about 6 others including the Captain
[edit }sorry its 13 including the captain


Ah it’s pretty high on my list:

  1. Send the membership cards on time
  2. Change Kelly photo
  3. Get better at football
  4. Send the damn membership cards on time




Sounds like you need to renew earlier. I renewed in September and had it before xmas *

  • The problem with it arriving so early is that it can be (temporarily) misplaced …


Like any Essendon supporter, staff member or player, football is the furthest thing from my mind in September.


I feel your pain. My daughters somehow found and ended up playing with my membership cards last week. Fortunately both cards were returned to their safe place ie bedside table. Not that losing them would be a huge issue given I’m unlikely to get back to Australia for any games this season.


Maybe this year you will have reason to be happy in September rather than needing to take a holiday.