Training Monday 11/2/19


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Tippa on a bean bag
Stringer on a banana lounge
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Concept : feel like you’re at the G but in the superlative comfort of your own Amart appointed home!

Execution : franchisee’s first year private photography college student daughter got the gig


None, really, I’ll touch base with you in prelim final week shall I.


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Sorry I forgot to mention I have 3 return flights booked for September. I have worked on the assumption we get the double chance and then have the 2nd week off!


It was a pretty short light session today, I imagine it started at the later scheduled time of 1.30 and was all over by 3.00pm.

Those that have invested all their panic dollars on our injuries would have been disappointed today, the list is looking in much better shape in the run up to the start of the JLT.

As mentioned earlier Zerrett, Redman and Mutch all did some light running and kicking while McKenna and Begley where doing various drills including some of the keepings off drills which require sudden directional changes without any signs of discomfort.

Smith was also out on the ground and while he didn’t do a lot of ball work also didn’t seem to have a major problem, and Hooker looks like he’s nearly recovered from his hamstring.

Really the only questions at the moment as regards to injuries I would think are how much movement Gleeson is getting with his ankle and how Joe is feeling with the OP, but other than that it’s looking quite good for this time of year with everybody looking like they will be ready close to the start of the season.

The other thing to report from today was for the first time I have seen there was specific work done around positioning at kickouts.

18 Players were on the ground (while the rest of the group were on the second oval and rotated over later) with a player having the ball in the goalsquare, and all 18 players were put into very specific positions making up a cone type shape. They were in a series of lines and one thing that was noticeable was that the furthest line was a lot deeper than has been in the past.

The ball was then kicked into the group and a discussion then took place about positioning, and sometimes the ball was taken the length of the ground.

After one or 2 attempts at this the players were called into a huddle where and more discussion and directions were given.

Rutten was running this session with Worsfold, Skippy and Harvey observing/assisting.

A few of the kicks were taken by McKenna and Saad along with Francis, so I think there could be a big emphasis on running the ball out this year.

After training McGrath, Parish, Laverde, Draper, Dlarke and Zakka had a goal kicking competition from all sorts of positions which they took very seriously with a lot of good humoured banter. Dlarke was actually leading this by 2 until he shanked and attempted check side from the boundary then missed a running shot at goal from 30.

They really looked to be enjoying themselves and each others company and was another indication to me of the closeness and attitude of the group this year.


thanks @nackers



We have been crying out for some attention to this for YEARS.


did it involve Hurley going long to the right boundary?


Perhaps Goddard… sorry Redman kicking to himself before running to the right and kicking long to the boundary.

Just for some variation?


This is contrary to established dogma. Instaban.


Is that supposed to be funny?


I’m extremely interested in our kickout strategy given the new goal square rules. Do we continue to use Hurley or will we use someone who can play on, run as far as possible and then bullet pass it to someone (Saad comes to mind)


Who else took the kicks?


And I can tell you he was pretty happy about it too and giving quite a bit of lip - until he kicked the wrong side of the ball with the checkside and missed by 30 metres which the rest of the group found very amusing


I was at training as well, seemed like quite a low intensity session. Pleasing to see Joe taking part in most drills.

At the end of training grand Raz worked on some goal kicking together from about 40m out.

As for the other group of 6 (Zaka, Pidge, Dlarke, Draper, Lav and Parish) - McGrath eventually took the chocolates I think. The hype of the pre-season is real with him. When training started a lot of the boys were kicking around, and Andy and Dylan Shiel we’re together all business warming up sharply.

I’d really like to see Dyl Clarke break into the team, he’s one of the most vocal in the group always instigating banter and seems very popular amongst the boys. One drill where they had to split into two groups he had a crack at Zaka saying “let’s do olds versus youngs”.

Begley is also a little sh*t stirrer amongst the lads as well, full training now, ball use one of the standouts.

I’ll share a few more points later.


Woohoo! Practising kick ins… hooray!! Thanks guys for the reports- appreciated!


Hurley was there but wasn’t taking kicks, Hartley took some as well.

But there was actually 2 different strategies being worked on - one when we had the kickout and were attacking the other when we were defending a kick in when it was often just a trainer kicking to the middle of the group.

I didn’t see any of the attacking kicks go to the boundaries, they were either short or long mostly down the middle but then sometimes using the width of the ground after the initial kick. There was also occasions when the ball was run out and then handballed for a 1 - 2, again this was mostly down the middle of the ground.

It’s really what I was expecting to see. We have a lot of pace in the team and I expect we will work around strategies to take advantage of it