Training Monday 11/2/19

I’d be happy with just one small piece of news just to tide us over … call it an entree.

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We can only assume it’s a very long and detailed training report.

8am (Indian) deadline has passed :frowning:

I reckon he’s taken a short siesta and fallen fast asleep.

No doubt he’s gone the grappa and paid the price.


What’s a stereotypical Indian breakfast?

Perspective of the grass length / height / absence of Jok Jok:



Yeah, I envision there will be a heap of infractions on the exclusion zone, deliberate or not.

In the video above it mentioned some kind of “balance” between offence and defense with regards to timing - once the point is signaled (before it is flagged) it’s play on but obviously the team defending the “kick-out” will be instantly not just out of position but probably inside the exclusion zone.

It will be interesting to see what happens when theirs a referral upstairs to determine if it was a point/touched or a goal - obviously play has to stop for a while there.

I don’t think it will be a big though, really, assuming the umps use common sense (lol). If players know the rule has been brought in to speed up the game then they should be aware that any attempts to a) slow down the transition after a behind or b) impede the person taking the kick will be penalised. Likewise any team taking the kick-in should be penalised for trying to milk free kicks (i.e., kicking the ball immediately into a defender who’s trying to get out of the zone).

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The ole long lunch hey?

Does it include a red with Sheeds?

Also want to hear about the swapping of war stories.

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Just watching this for the first time now and gee that was some wishy washy bullsh!!t that just stinks of trouble.

I can see this ending in utter embarrassment for the AFL just like in the past when they have tried to rush other rules in on the fly and then just tell us to suck it up because its “whats best for the game”.

Hocking looked like he was sweating bullets the whole time through that interview.

You’d expect the JLT is where they’ll sort out any teething issues. And don’t the clubs receive a video from the AFL explaining the new rules to show how they’ll be interpreted?

But the proof will come in an actual game with the pressure that brings to layers and umpires and a million plus eyes watching what is happening. They’ll adjust, as needed in the AFL way.

pssst…there’s a new thread …

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I know. It’s chat about the new rules. Maybe @theDJR can move those posts into the AFL crazy bad ideas thread. Once he’s finished his Indian breakfast of course.

I have flashbacks of how much of a debacle the ruck rule change was from a few years ago.

Nobody had any idea what was going on.

Cant think of any other sport in the world where something so amateur happens.

Too painful moving posts on mobile!

Late brekkie on the road to Jaipur was chai tea and a grilled vegetable sandwich. Which meant tomato plus cucumber plus pepper.



There was some footy show with Smith and Parish. A few questions were asked on new rules and they were not sure how some were interpreted and in favour of the changes. Not sure if they were deliberately vague but they didn’t provide any confidence on understanding or utilising the new rules.

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Did Mitch Wallis break his leg kicking himself or the ground? Got a little half tackle mid-kick

stringer kicked himself for a break.

Have you seen the pic? It’s savage. Pretty sure he broke one leg clean and fractured the other.