Training Monday 11/2/19


a few short ones to the point post by brendon god-


Glad the photo is from that angle. Heppell looks like he is channeling Sharon Stone in basic instinct.


Did nackers take that photo?



This could be the initial go-to strategy of a lot of teams. Why would you ever kick it from the square now? At the very least, you would run diagonally clear of the guy guarding the end of the square, and then kick it when he got within a step or two, gaining a few metres. Leading on from that will be the handball over that defender to a teammate moving in behind him, followed by maybe a one-two and a penetrating kick that would clear the centre and maybe allow an entry to an open forward line, beyond the opposition press.
The defensive response could be either -

  1. Press up to defend/prevent the one-two handball at the end of the square - this commits an extra player high and could leave you vulnerable at the back.
  2. Fall back deeper to defend the eventual kick.

It will be interesting, and we need to be tactically up with strategies. In the past we have been one of the last to adjust.


I finally caved and made room for him in my SuperCoach backline.


Boo! Time to lay off langers I reckon. I know it’s still funny but…


Photos and a couple of short videos of today’s training session.


He was almost first picked for me. Especially being dual position. Akward price but seems like he is going to score very well at the moment



I know it’s been said before, but damn that logo (colour) is disgraceful… don’t care how much they paid.


people complaining more about amart than alternative clash strips.

this fkg place.


Lol, don’t get me started on those…

Do we have a new one this year?


Er…so you’re saying our kick-in strategy is to kick it to a group of our guys who then stop and have a meeting about what to do next - who needs to run where etc.

Doesn’t sound all that great. Though an improvement on our current kick-in strategy.


Hoping it’s better then bombing it to the back pockets where it becomes predictable for the oppo to defend when they can get multiple inside 50 shots.


Kick ins.
I think teams will flood out of their forward 50 and congest 70-80m out. If we can get it to Hurley or Francis 30 or 40 out fast and get them to roost it over the back and into the forward half that’s the damaging play.


I predict it will take several rounds (at best) to work out how to officiate the new kickouts. Will they pay fifties for forwards failing to instantly clear out, or call back the defender (and thus kill the intent of the rule)?

You’d like to think the BLT games would mostly sort this out, but I reckon that’s optimistic…

P.S. Free kick Hawthorn.


At last. Preseason games that would be right up my alley.


No doubt Clarko arranged to have breakfast in early January with Gillon to have it all cleared away with plenty of time to practice it.


Does someone care to share the new rule?