Training - Monday 24 January 2022

With training in Macedon . Tippa could of just walked to training. He only lives 10 mins down the road


Isn’t that more or less what he looks like during the season?

I think he’ll be a player. But it was odd since:

  • The coaches didn’t seem to rate him and didn’t give him opportunities
  • It’s a real possibility others (eg Reid & Brand) could go past him. In which case we might want to let him go this year. We’re very tight for list spots.
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Not to sound creepy but where does he live?

Further out or 10 mins closer to Melbourne?

I know Rutten could have walked to where training was this morning.

I will say poor Francis was getting called Bairstow by his team mates on Saturday lol


Isn’t the photo Ben Stokes?

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Would it be too much to ask her for a training report?

If easier, she can complete the following template:

Training in ___________ conditions.

Modified group consisted of __________, Zach Reid and ______.

Absent were _____________.

The main session involved a drill of ____ vs ____. The purpose of the drill appeared to structured ball movement culminating in a [diagonal / horizontal / vertical] kick into the forward 50. ____________________ stood out in this, hitting the target every time. Truck stopped the drill a number of times to emphasize _________________________________________.

There was no kick-out practice.

________________ was a real standout for the session. Consistent with previous reports of him lighting up the track, he appears determined to make every post a winner this season. Expect a top ____ B&F finish and maybe as many as _____ Brownlow votes. Exciting times.

Aaron Francis took a mark. Or was it Andrew Phillips? Who can be sure, really.

________________ has a terrible new haircut.

Tippa appears to have dropped ____ millimeters from his waistline.

One negative from the session is that ___________________________ copped a knock to the ________________ during the contact-less warm up handball drill. Paramedics were called to the scene but they came too late. Preparations are being made for his funeral. Too young.

________________ and _________________ stayed after training practising left foot bananas while wearing a blindfold. They scored no goals.

Finally it was nice to catch up with _________________ and __________________ from the Covid thread of Bomberblitz. Both appear to have been in a good paddock over the Christmas period. Expecting a big year of posting ahead from both.


Tippa is now taller than Ridley even lying down!

What was the slope on the grass like in the photo?


The three options in that case are Sharp, Brockman, or McCreery. The rest of the players between our pick and passing were talls or academy bids. I’d say it was probably Brockman.

Yup thats all there is to it. Nino is genuine and definitely not a troll, just doesnt really think before he posts.


Add to this, the players kept calling him Bairstow on Saturday lol
Edit - just saw this posted earlier

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Take note … @People_s_Prince doesn’t post for 5 months and then boom, gets the scoop on the training camp and even posts a pic. I wonder if that whole “only post if you have something interesting to say” approach will catch on?


Reid and Lord


I definitely adhere to that motto.


He’s just a passionate supporter who loves discussing his Bombers. As we all do. Nino just happens to talk a bit more than most of us. He’s ok in my book.


Thank you


Any idea how he feels about the move to the forward line, CJ?

Sounds like he’s attacking training really well but I suspect he ultimately sees himself as a defender.

Looks much fitter at this angle


He’s looking much better! Awesome