Training Monday Dec 18

Some positive news plus a couple of injuries.

First the bad news. Ridley’s right foot is in a moonboot.
Francis didn’t train and there’s a couple of fitness concerns with him. Nothing serious right now but they are looking into his ailments a bit more.
Some of the new draftees are a bit sore and didn’t participate much, the exception being Houlihan.
Smith and Bellchambers didn’t train but I don’t know why.

The positives:
The rehab group of Joe, Hurley, Hooker, Raz, Lavender, Heppell, Leuey, McKenna all looked good. I would expect all of them to join in full training early in the new year.
Fantasia ran something like 6Ks and looked to move well. Joe didn’t run quite as far but looked good doing laps. The boys only did low intensity drills with the balls.
On light duties today were Walla and Parish though I suspect it was just their turn for extra running today. They both moved well.

Most of the drills were focussed on contested stoppages. Which was pleasing to see as this is an area we need to improve.
There would be a ball up and then straight after a throw in and then another ball up.
Lots of players around the ball every time as the ruckman McKernan and Justin Crow jostled for the tap.
Players who stood out were Myers and Stringer. Myers offensively and defensively - some big tackles - was great. Stringer just charged through like a bull. When he wasn’t in the middle of the stoppage Ambrose was on him. Jake was very clever a few times. But he also put on some big tackles.
Matt Dea was good down back, Saad looked classy.


lol franga is ■■■■■■.


Light a candle.





Been hanging out for a training report- thanks!

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Top work Begbie.

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Why is awesome filtered?



That really, really sucks about Ridley. I wanna see him



Stringerrrrrrrrr, I’m getting seriously amped to see him play in the red and black.


Ambrose on Stringer at the stoppages is interesting Iv’e always thought this would be a good move, Ambrose has all the tools to be a great defensive mid. Size, strength, endurance and could sneak forward to kick a goal. Perhaps he could have been used on the likes of kennedy last year. I could see this as a role he could fulfill if hooker goes back and he gets pushed out of the backline.
As has been discussed before, woosha isn’t a fan of playing a tagger, but he would give us some size around the stoppages and might negate the other teams big clearance mid.


I read that about 4 times in a row as Myers and Stanton and couldn’t work out why Stanton was there.

And RIP in peace Francis.

I think Ambrose was on Stringer away from the stoppage work.

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You are right actually i mis-read it. I got excited thinking they might finally be trying it.

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Any news on Langford?

Fingers crossed on Myers getting in a full preseason and starting the season in form



Langford was ok. Didn’t stand out today.

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