Training report - 17/11/2021

First time I’ve had a good look at training. Nice to see a few familiar faces.

Nice weather, which makes a change. A good portion of the 1st to 5 year players were there today. Senior players included Shiel, Smith, Stringer, McGrath, Parish (mod), Francis, Cutler,

Modified group"

  • Jones - doing some light running on grass, good sign
  • Eyre - largely doing stationary ball work and laps
  • Kelly - did laps, but looks fit.
  • Parish - not seen running, might have had an op, or just being managed

Not sighted (1-5): Draper, Ridley, Reid

Largely a fitness day today. Started with some running and light skills. Change of direction drills and some sprints.

One footy specific drill while I was there. Half ground ball movement/decision making/defending drill. It actually looked pretty good, much better decisions with the ball. We do seem to be taking the ball into the pocket and then centring the ball to a free player in front of goal, we did that quite a bit last year.

Some individuals (y’all gonna like this):

Baldwin: yeah. Yeah.
Couple of really nice pack marks. One where he came from about 30m away - barged through a couple and clunked it first go. He also appears to be a nice set shot for goal. He’s got a solid frame, and most importantly, knows how to use it. So keen to have a look at him in a game sense.

Durham and Hird (Durham particularly) look to have put on some size, which is good. Francis looks quite good, mostly training as a forward. I think most of our taller players look bigger in the arms/upper body.

Not anyone I’m concerned about yet, they all look in pretty good nick. Hope to see Walla and Draper back soon.


Legend! Thanks, Matt!

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I have to do that when my jocks are too tight.


Lets hope Parish doesnt have an interrupted pre season.

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you’re not ni/nackers

Very observant.


Is Baldwin a big boy??


Perkins watch?


Great stuff @MattPocock18


Cheers for the report mate! :+1:t2:

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If someone attending the training sessions could get a shirtless photo of Baldwin, you would be making a young man very happy.


Thanks for the report. Great work.

Do we know why Reid was absent?

It will be interesting to hear what the focus of this pre season will be.

Last year it seemed very much a focus on ball movement, and working our way through the oppositions zone. From memory we didn’t do too much team defensive work.

I’m hoping this year, we put most of our effort into building a very very strong zone defence. Making it incredibly hard for the opposition to score. IMO that is what has skyrocketed Melbourne into becoming a Premiership side. Their zone defence was unbelievable…… and it showed with May and Lever mopping up the long bomb forward.


Did they look happy

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Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to see the progression of this years squad!

There’s so much positive player development and team improvements that I’m keen to keep an eye on

it’s been awhile Essendon. It’ been a long god damn time.


Some of the key boys are back.


Hence why it’s so important we get the VFL program right. That’s the major concern I have for next year.


Damn, how good does Jake look


If he nominates us we are laughing


Stringer starting to look like the full package…


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