Training Report 24.11.2023

Take this as you want from my good friend who goes to training every session:

His key take aways to me on the phone for training today:

Still a bit of management going on with players before the sessions crank up with whole group next week:

Archie Roberts: very well balanced kick…no defined muscle in his arms as yet so expectations should be more longer term.

Luamon: kicking action better than expected considering the noise around his skills. Was kicking fine all session. Very nice candy side step also. Didnt look small to the eye

Caddy: took friend back on how powerful he looked for age 18. Leap was there for all to see and was kicking from 50 with ease. Could see why Curnow was at least mentioned as a player who was similar in style.

Vigo: only did a few light things. Can tell he is well balanced for a kid 204cm

Jones: training strongly and no doubt understands the situation post draft. Looking good however which is pleasing

Stringer: light laps running now post surgery 2 months back.

Duursma: light session with McKay but did not look at all to have anything. Friend said it was genuinely nice that Duursma came over to him on the wing and said hi and wanted to engage fan base.

Hunter: running laps as rehab progresses

First sign of Draper today as he did a few light things. Goldstein now ramping back up to full work outs

FYI- Tuesday will now be weekly main sessions for training he was told. With Thursday as well


Awesome, thanks CJ, and thanks to your friend.



Hobbsy at the front.



Did attend today, as I had rare day off. I’ll write something up soonish.


Need more veiny photos.
The more beefcake, the better.


Barry are you ok if i tweet out photo?

Naah!! The leader is the guy that loudly tells all the other to get a drink and then loudly talks about getting back into it.


Must be summer training. A lot of non team socks there.

Parish has had a growth spurt. Now approx 203cm


It’s from the efc twitter account, see link below photo. Just retweet that.


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Parish is an absolute specimen.

Hope he has a hiuuuge year





Moar from EFC


I got there rather early, around 8:30am and read a little before the boys walked onto the track, around 9am. From memory, I think I saw nearly everyone doing something on the track, bar Draper, Wanganeen, Langford, Shiel, and I think Duurrsma, although i am not sure what he looks like as yet. Know Draper has had surgery, not sure on Shiel. Same deal?

The 4 new rookies just did a little bit of work, and at one stage were doing light drills on oval number 2, more for the official photos, which I am sure will be up on website soonish. Caddy probably did a bit more with the main group. Big boy for his age, and he is a beautiful kick for goal. Didn’t see much of the other 3, but did note Roberts had a very accurate left foot kick. Didn’t miss a pass at all when I was watching. Caddy might get a shot next year… maybe. The other 3 will be project players in the VFL I reckon. One note though, Vigo is a very big lump of a lad for his age. If he bulks up, he will be hard to move. Quite a good kick as well. Caddy was the most impressive though.

The modified group was training on the wing where I was sitting, which included Wright, McKay, Weid, Cox, Stringer, J Davey, and Hunter. Hunter looks fit, but only did some very light running. Wright did a lot of running at pace, (moves well for a big guy). The only 2 I think are a fair way off are Stringer, and J Davey. Stringer ran for an hour or so, but I gotta say it, compared to the rest of the group, he does look chunky. It will be well into new year I am guessing till he is close to up to speed. Good to see Davey doing some running and light skill work , but they must be building him up slowly as well. The rest look fine, and I expect will into full training shortly.

Training itself looks like it was concentrating on moving the ball through congestion, and hitting a good option. One drill is where 2 backmen were defending 3 forwards, and the forwards had to work it so the mid fielder would find the spare, and not to a contest. Another drill was simple 5 on 5, and working the ball through a pack and hitting up a forward, the forward being Jones mainly.

Quite a few running drills as well, sprints, lap work, etc. btw Hurls still looks in great nick, and he ran a bit himself.

Happy to answer any questions if you want.


What on earth is going on with Jayden Davey. Anyone would think he’s coming back from a full leg amputation.


He looked ok to me, but didn’t move with any pace, and needs a lot of work of fitness.

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Yes I have one.

What did you read?