Training Report Mon 21st Feb of some year before 2023

I was not at training but relaying friends notes who was there

Shiel, Langford, Eyre and Jones completed full training. Lord, Phillips and Stringer did not train but Stringer was on sidelines getting various massages. Baldwin and Stewart also completed full training despite some injury rumours and Kaine in the rehab group Saturday.

Walla, Voss, Hurley and Reid doing rehab group drills and running. Reid and Hurley completing much bigger running patterns now…doing laps on both ovals. Voss was only kicking on the his left foot today so it might be an issue with right foot? Unsure myself on his injury.

Again heavy drills on defensive actions across the team…they really want to get this part of their game at a much more mature level. Finished with lits of gola kicking practice…this has been the most goal kicking practice we have done this pre season since I have been watching last 5 years.

General health of the group at its best point for quite a few years leading to round 1 tbh.


Strong opening. Thanks for the report, CJ.


Thanks @CJohns. Do you know if Bryan trained?

yes he did


Red Sash fooled you all again. Look how happy he is with his work:

fat guy


great to hear walla is back training


What @westozziebomber said.

Also, good to hear we’re practicing goal kicking, even better at the end of the session whilst presumably fatigued.


Thanks Scooter, anything more you can share about the club’s expectation towards Paco’s injury?

Sorry i know very little on Jake. Have to hope club is right in saying he should play round 1

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Any news on Waterman?

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(Can’t be bothered mentioning lits/lots. Oh, I just did.)


Thanks @CJohns … and thanks to your friend who gave you his notes. Great hearing Walla is back at the club… wish him all the best with his recovery.
Reid stepping it up is good news … hope he gets out of modified group soon and can get into consistent full training… cant wait to see him fully fit.


any sign of durham today?


very happy about the amount of training focus we’re spending on team defence.

It’s not the most glamorous part of the game, but it offers massive rewards if you can get it right.

If we can get team defence to an elite level, you can guarantee a top 4 finish is on the cards.


Training in mild, sunny conditions today with our gaze firmly fixed on Wednesday’s practice match.

Six Willy Wagtails showing off on the outer wing in front of the fourteen blue portable toilets.

The mood was upbeat although I couldn’t help wondering how Dylan Clarke was feeling being delisted for a second time. He didn’t do too much wrong, but now hope turns to Wanganeen and Martin. Tex has looked promising in the forward line, if he’s any good let’s hope he is a bit more loyal than his dad.

Stringer was receiving a massage in the hangar - presumably for his groin.

Walla trained all morning - jogging at a sedate pace and waving to the crew on the balcony who responded with a raised coffee cup salute. Encouraging, perhaps a mid-season return?

Hurley was running at good pace and we had a brief, but cheerful, conversation. He seems happy with his progress and again, perhaps a mid-season return. Reid looking ok, but not joining general training.

I have heard some criticism of Josh Eyre along the lines of “fumble fingers” which I think is a bit unfair. Today I am pleased to report on Eyre’s Rock solid marking.

The good news is that Harrison Jones completed most of the session and took a splendid pack mark coming in from the side and kicked truly for goal.

The most interesting segment of today’s session was a violent tackling drill which the players and the coach seemed to enjoy immensely and I think this is the pointer to their attitude to the coming practice match against Footscray.

Expect a big crowd on Wednesday - Footscray supporters love anything that’s free.

The big question that remains is “Will fourteen blue toilets be enough?”


If they’re running short, there’s one really big blue toilet on Royal Parade…




Desparately staving off delisting for yet another week

Moisturiser on the back table to boot.

Thanks for the training reports!

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Completed full training