Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


You do!
Twice, even!


He could be training the guys for AFLX night


Hasn’t reached his peak yet.

The kid is a gun.


Saad looks like Brad Hardie circa now.



Dylan “PhotoBomber” Shiel




Paddy still the king


Typo - what he meant was

“Saad looks Phat”


Fair effort considering Jok’s reputation.


Love hearing Ham is smashing it… Runner up to the Number 1 draft pick Walsh in the best and fairest (after playing minimal games) and his highlights show that he is smart and silky with great skill… with lots of upside! Something about this guy that is gonna leave us laughing that he slipped through to us at pick 60ish



Geez all the news about Fantasia sounds promising.
Even when injured he just marks everything one handed.
Feel like he is going to step up another level this year, be on par with Zach Merrett - one of the s
stars of the competition.

I think Gleeson in the modified group is good news his injury of Talus bone was significant
I imagine what Gleeson is able to be getting done is behind closed doors - Pool, Bike, weights, handball drills etc with modified group.


Is Redman there?


It was much worse than what the club let on - he was meant to return after the mid season break as I recall.


Crowe is clearly being very careful with these 2 blokes and rightly so.


Am i right in thinking it’s the same injury as Scully? They did the within a month of each other and Scully is in doubt for most of this season.


anyone know what’s up with conor?


Darcy Parish a strong performer in the run??!?

Hold onto your hats people, you are about to see something special from the young man in 2019.


Dasher Parish!