Training Report - Thursday 2019-01-10


Ham and Joks shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of that list. A real testament to the natural endurance base they both must have. Good times.


Better than in 2006 when Gary O’Donnell finished 2nd running around the Tan. An assistant coach did better than all bar one of our playing list. That spelt massive trouble to me heading into that season…


Tom Mitchell has broken his leg. ■■■■ if true. I know it’s not training news but nobody will read it over on the Hawthorn thread.


It is true serious broken leg injury…not much to go by. Innocuous incident involved in a tackling training drill…doctor accompanied Mitchell rushed to hospital.
Reports training staff were holding his leg when Ambos arrived. He’s out for the season.


Free kick, Hawthorn.

Seriously, though, that sucks.


Terrible news regarding Mitchell. I actually felt ■■■■ hearing that


On a lighter note,

Luke Lavender must have lost a bet, shocking haircut!

Also, understand it’s school holidays but there’s a lot of people out here today


hopefully means lots of training reports heading our way.


Terrible news for Mitchell. Dawks will struggle mightily this season without him. O’Meara will be forced to take over his role, and this will add even more stress on his own knees.


I wish, I stopped by for 5 minutes only ( working today )


SEN caller Charles was at Hawthorn training this morning:

“They were doing some clearance work & he went down around half forward. The training staff were holding his leg, immobilising it. When the Ambulance arrived it was pretty grim. The whole playing group went silent.”


Sorry, but fark the Dawks.


Joey sighted.



I agree but we need to know opposition to beat them.


Who’s wearing 41?


Clarkos philosophy:

“You lose a soldier; you replace him with another one.”

Its not so easy to replace the one decent inside mid that you have, the one that carried the midfield in 2018.

Edit. That leaves an 8 clearance/16 contested possession hole in their side. Massive.


They are already seriously lacking depth.


Injury-plagued Bombers defender back in the running

Callum Twomey

Jan 11, 2019 11:36AM

AFTER an injury-interrupted past two years, Patrick Ambrose has set himself to recapture his place in Essendon’s defence after winning the club’s ‘two-lap challenge’ run on Friday.

The Bombers undertook two circuits of their Tullamarine headquarters, and Ambrose, who has managed just 17 games in the past two years, led the pack ahead of rookie Tom Jok and young midfielder Dylan Clarke.

The club split up the runners into two groups, with Darcy Parish, who is entering his fourth season at the Bombers, winning the second batch of players running the trial ahead of veteran teammate Mark Baguley.

The Bombers also ran the two-lap challenge in November, when the club’s fitness staff pulled Ambrose and Jok out of the run due to their already renowned aerobic excellence.

The run kick-started a long session for the Bombers, who had several key players training away from the main group.

Reigning best and fairest winner Devon Smith was among them as he is eased through the pre-season, Josh Begley continued his recovery from a knee reconstruction and Martin Gleeson also did some running as he works back from the foot injury that saw him miss all of last season.

David Zaharakis was expected to train fully but ran laps on the Bombers’ second training oval and didn’t participate in the two-lap challenge, while Conor McKenna also trained separate to the main group.

As reported by on Thursday, key forward Joe Daniher was absent from training after being diagnosed with conjunctivitis.

Part of the Bombers’ session included a drill that saw the players pinpoint passes to the top of the goalsquare when moving inside 50, with Fantasia’s class and precision kicking a standout.

Club doctor Bruce Reid, who is battling cancer, was at the club to watch training.


Ambrose has already been a really good runner. I believe he is best 22 but we will find it really hard to fit all of these players in our back six

Hurley, hooker, gleeson, mckenna, saad, ambrose, ridley, redman etc