Training report - Tuesday 9 February 2021


Is this really a training report or just 4 photos that everyone can see on Twitter or the Website?


Just saw these photos on twitter and thought how slim Walla looked. Especially on the face.


Training report 9th February. Sunny and humid. Winds E/SE 15 to 25 km/h tending E/NE 15 to 20 km/h early in the morning then becoming light in the early afternoon.

Modified group: Aaron Francis, Andrew McGrath, Andrew Phillips, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Brayden Ham, Cale Hooker, Cian McBride, Cody Brand, Darcy Parish, David Zaharakis, Devon Smith, Dylan Clarke, Dylan Shiel, Dyson Heppell, Harrison Jones, Irving Mosquito, Jake Stringer, James Stewart, Jayden Laverde, Jordan Ridley, Josh Eyre, Kyle Langford, Lachlan Johnson, Martin Gleeson, Mason Redman, Matt Guelfi, Michael Hurley, Ned Cahill, Nick Bryan, Nick Hind, Nik Cox, Patrick Ambrose, Peter Wright, Sam Draper, Tom Cutler, Tom Hird, Will Snelling, Zach Merrett.

A slimmed down Walla and a focused Perkins practiced catching the footy while Zach Reid walked around with a ball in his right hand. Jye Caldwell worked on his interpretive dance moves.


Alphabetical ordered modified group. My OCD thanks you.

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Cut and pasted the list from an AFL site, which was ordered alphabetically.

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humbert taking lessons from the ewok house of shizen.
well done :wink:

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WTF! If the Club is going to post photos on Twitter of a “supposed” training session today, at least try and make them interesting. The pics look like rejects from amateur hour!!! :roll_eyes:


Yes, I’m entitled to have proper photos from a proper training session on twitter. How dare they!


The photos are from today aren’t they? I got excited when I saw Caldwell training.

Context says today, but 🤷

they say a picture is worth a 1000 words

except today