Training report - Monday 8 February 2021

I’m pretty sure it will start at least initially as Draper and 2MP. Wright has always been included when they are doing ruck drills and Draper looks like he will be more than handy if resting forward.


I think we all were.

In all honestly, Cox was the one i was least interested in. I wanted us to grab Reid and Perkins was the next best available. Looks like I was wrong.

Imagine Draper’s strut while he’s playing Key Forward!

I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells everyone to get out of his 50 meter perimeter.


From what I have seen of Cox he has been very good in gereral contested situations with ground balls, regularly able to pick up the ball cleanly and dispose efficiently.

The main knock on him at this stage would be his physicality both in marking and contested situations, and there would be a question over his ability to accumulate possessions which won’t be answered until we see some actual game time.

But some of his running looks absolutely elite, and his ability to run past players and create space will surely be a great asset.

He’s a little similar to Tom Jok from a couple of years ago with his running, the big difference being Jok had the tank but struggled to go above 3/4 pace whereas Cox can consistely run at a high pace.


If Nick Bryan comes on the way some think he could, that could well be an option for us in the future. Could see Draper being a very dangerous marking target in the FW 50.


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Thats potentially a problem playing against key position players who are his height, but he would be as heavy as most wingers and has a height advantage.

Interesting comparison to Jok.


How weird was Tom Jok coming from nowhere to be debuted on the G in front of 80,000, taking some good marks then being delisted two weeks later.


A low centre of gravity is useful. TIPPA would embarrass him (unless the umpire pinged him for tunnelling…)

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Yes I couldn’t imagine Cox playing in a key position at the moment, but I can’t see a real problem with him on the wing.


Who would he be competing with in that position, Cutler, Ham & Zakarakis? Seems like a no-brainer to me given his potential upside to those 3.


Guys who are much taller than others that play in their position tend to go one of two ways:

  1. Best case: They have a unique set of physical attributes that makes them able to do everything that the little blokes can do but their height makes them genuinely special eg Aaron Sandilands, Patrick Cripps, Matthew Richardson when he was playing on the wing, Kevin Durant as a 7 foot small forward in the NBA, Magic Johnson as a 6’9” point guard.

  2. Usual case: They aren’t quite quick enough or agile enough to keep up with others in their position but their height makes them serviceable and a point of difference eg Mason Cox, Manute Bol, Mark Eaton. You sacrifice a bit when they’re on the field/court but you gain a bit too, so it’s a matchup thing.

From what Nackers has been reporting (thanks @nackers, you are a star) it would appear we may have drafted the former. If we can turn this guy into a mobile winger who can compete at ground level, run all day, take marks around the ground and drift forward or fill the hole in the back line then we have a real point of difference. Exciting.


Yes that pretty well sums up what I have been seeing and my thoughts on his potential.


If he develops as we all hope he’ll become a nightmare match up.

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Only watched him live for 10 minutes but I thought Cox showed he had a footy brain. Won the ball and knew what to do with it. Remember too that he’s got 0 games of VFL under his belt and was up against guys who’ve been in the system for years.

I want to reiterate how good Nick Bryan looked on Saturday. Phillips isn’t a superstar but he’s big, experienced and hard to move under the ball, and Bryan was engaging him physically at throw ins. You’d expect the skinny kid to have his nuts handed to him but he easily held his own.


We really really really need to have nailed our recent 1st and 2nd round picks. If Mozzie, Jones, Bryan, and our 2020 high picks can reach high levels we’ll be really well placed.

If we then got something out of Ham, Cahill, Hird, McBride, Johnson and Brand that would be icing.


I found that weird too.

I thought Jok had some interesting attributes.


Brings back memories of when we ran Max Crow (6’4" was tall back then) on the wings at Windy Hill.
He was so much taller than the opposition wingers and would out mark them in every contest.
Here’s hoping.


Same goes for that idiot in BrisVegas.

I believe it’s pronounced “Brisbogan”