Training report - TUESDAY 9 March 2021

Training this morning in cool (amazing how cold it’s been the whole pre season) conditions with little to no wind. The session started around 10.30am and went for just on 2 hours.

Modified today were:

  • Wright - he did little more than a few handballs. He had strapping around his left knee so probably just a little soreness, he didn’t seem ovrly hindered.
  • Ambrose - was doing a lot of running at near full pace, he doesn’t appear too far off from resuming with the main group
  • Guelfi - doing various running drills but also didn’t seem overly hindered, I don’t think it’s anything serious
  • Phillips - back running today and doing other drills with the modified guys which is the first time in a couple of weeks.

Not training were:

  • Stewart - on the sidelines with a big ice pack on his left hamstring
  • Hurley - still on crutched but looking quite cheerfull and walking a lot better than previously but still with a notable limp.
  • Langford, Clarke and Mo22ie not sighted
  • McBride still in a moonboot.

Draper also only did about half the session, I didn’t see him leave the track so don’t think he’s injured, probably just load management.

Stringer, Redman, Zakka, and Hind all completed the whole session.
Stringer is still looking in great shape, seems very fit. If he doesn’t miss any more sessions before round 1 I would pencil him in to play. Redman has also been out running for the last three days, and joined Stringer on the second oval for more running and ball work when the rest of the side stopped for goalkicking practice.

I was surprised to see Zakka do the whole session, I thought he was a little further off but completed it without any issue. And Hind showed no concerns with his knock to the shoulder at the weekend.

The main group did various drills in small groups, more of the defensive ball movement they have done thoughout the pre season, some match sim and quite a bit of goalkicking practice, from set shots, kicks on the run and snaps around the corner.

The goalkicking in general was pretty good, but then again the practice they were doing pre game on Saturday was probably the most accurate I have ever seen. I only saw 1 out of about 100 shots missed, and we then proceeded to miss everything in the match. Go figure.

It was interesting watching them do the movement from defense drill after seeing them play live in the practice match. At training it’s done in a much more condensed fashion, making it considerably moe difficult to hit a target or get quality run. With the wider spaces at Geelong (and they have the narrowest ground in the comp) with a lot more space to move in they were able to execute much easier and more efficiently than they have in the past. Hopefully it continues into the main season.

There isn’t too much more to report, at this time of year there is a lot more emphasis on load management rather than teaching anything in drills.

I imagine the next session will be on Thursday, with another on Saturday.


Happy to hear Hind completed the whole session. His a very important player for us


You @nackers are a marvel! We’re very grateful for your contributions!


Thanks for the report

Based on everything you’ve observed this off season, who do you think will replace Stewart in defence?

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I know you’re not on the inner sanctum and nor are you a doctor but how far away is Ambrose based on his current loads?

His health is super important with Stewart now out for at least 2 months

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Thanks again nackers.

I am starting to get nervous about all these modified group reports, hopefully it is just a matter of balance and nothing to be concerned about.

Great to hear that the coaches are addressing a major issue from the match (goal inaccuracy) in their very next training session.

Thank fark for that!


Thanks @nackers once again. Great to hear that Stringer, Zakka & Redman all trained. I’m also keen to hear your thoughts on the Stewart replacement.


Thread Title (date) intentional?

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What’s the chances that Zaharakis is slotted straight back into the team without any warm up matches… if Worsfold was still coach, you could bet on it.

I didn’t see any update on how @nackers pulled up after the game on the weekend?


Thankfully (for more reasons than 1 including this) he is no longer the coach

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Ambrose looks very close to joining the main group, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on Thursday or Saturday. He still looks very fit and has no doubt been doing a lot of cross training. Whether that gives him enough group training or not to be considered we will have to wait and see.

If Stringer is doesn’t have any more setbacks I think he will play, which would then allow for the option of Hooker going back again.

I don’t think Reid is ready yet so I can’t see him debuting, I think he needs some time maybe half a season in the VFL.

And Zerk has been with the main group for a little while now, so should be right to go. But he seems to be out of favour at the moment, so my money at this stage would be on Hooker going back. It just depends on how invested the coaching group are in him playing forward.


There are a few great things in that typically excellent report. Stringer in full training — and still in great shape!!! — and Ambrose back on the track are the best of them. It’s a pity about Stewart; is it usual to have an ice pack on a three day old injury? Maybe he did something to it today before they came out.


Did Hooker play back in the drills today?

stringer 100% shouldn’t play round 1. its in 11 days time, and he’s just joined the main group for the first time in months

give him a few VFL runs first. we’re not up there this year, so why not bring him in round 3-4 with a solid block of training/VFL under him. it’ll be far more beneficial for him, and the team imo


You know it’s going to happen.


yes, I know

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In defence?

No risks should be taken but the club may know a lot of things that we don’t which point to him playing

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