Training report - Wednesday 6 January 2021

Late prospect at this stage especially with such a strong and deep draft. I think he is the pick of the 4 kids but Tex could suprise if he gets fit and keeps growing as he has great skills.


I actually see more if his uncle in him than his Dad, he’s tough like his old man.

They appear to be standing on the basketball court, not the spongey grass, so you can make legitimate comparisons on their height.

Thank you, photographer.


Do we know what Nyawi Moore’s middle name is?

Hopefully Louis, Lance, Lionel, Larry or Lovett

Would love a renaissance of NLM. He will be rucking against Adelaide in a final before we know it.


I actually think he’s potentially a 200 gamer, he doesn’t get enough of the ball at the moment but he’s special when he has it. He’s got a tonne of upside. He’s only been focusing solely on footy for a little bit, and I think will thrive in the AFL structure.


geez that photo gets you excited.

any idea what young Max Fletcher is doing
is he down training at the club too, wonder if he is intent on playing as a 19 year old next year?

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Didn’t he go to the US on a punting scholarship or something? Don’t think he’s that keen on footy

that’s Mason

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Don’t think we were that keen on him.

Nyawi looks like he’d have a pretty good right hook

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Ah yes, if I had a dollar for all those times that I heard an efc player remark “I just can’t hit a target now the wind has died down”.

So he’s a Pendlebury type? In case you didn’t know, Pendlebury was a really good basketball player.


How long till we can field an entire team of Lovett Murray’s?

seems a potentially odd order for the seated vs standing, but with the Davey twins, is the one in the front row significantly bigger than Jr in the back row? Or are they similar sizes, types etc

You’re right!! The Davey in the foreground looks to be almost twice the size …

(No grass was involved in this assessment)

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Wanganeen doesn’t look very fit

he doesn’t look too bad, looks bigger than photo 12 months ago.
dunno what Hird was thinking with the backwards hat.

Will be awesome if both Hirds turn out to be guns

I hope Tex chooses Essendon pack back for stealing Wanga from us

Which Father Son will turn into a Gun player?
  • Tom Hird
  • Nwayi Moore
  • Tex Wanganeen
  • Josh Misiti
  • Alex Hird
  • Alwyn Davey Jnr
  • Jayden Davey
  • All will be Guns

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how many times do we hear this :sweat_smile: not from you directly, but come on. you can’t just think someone who’s projected to be a late pick will be a 200 gamer surely