Training report - Wednesday 6 January 2021

He said “potentially”.

well sure. everyone’s potentially a 200 gamer

I’m not


not with that attitude, son


Brent Stanton, Daniel McAllister, Brent Stanton and James Gwilt?


We have really been struggling with potential father sons for a while now. I’ve gotta say the elephant in the room is hirdys boys, i remember seeing them on the mcg as kids thinking it will be great in about 15 years they will continue the famous name and br potential guns as they could already kick well. Unfortunately they look too small for the modern day footy player. Here is hoping Lovett Murray and the daveys are guns. Misiti could be a suprise too.

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I think if he starts finding the ball more this tac cup season he would end up a 3rd rounder pretty easily, it’s not outrages to think a 3rd rounder is capable of playing 150-200 games

it astounds me that any of their dads want their kids to play for essendon

Just for fun

The fun with the car brothers starts around 2:40


Natrat ended up with only 3 games for that. Worth it


What astounds me is that there hasn’t been a single mention of Luca Alessio. His old man was a great player: excellent mark, extremely reliable kick for goal, and very strong around the ground and in packs. He played in the 2000 premiership. He’s also a very decent human being.

If Luca turns out as good as that, I’ll be very happy. He looks to have Steve’s sunny temperament too.


I’m sold!

I haven’t seen him play but I’ve heard some encouraging things about Luca. Hopefully get to watch him play 17s this year


Cheers for that. I was about to go searching.

The youngest Hird looks pretty slim, I agree.
But Tom Hird has every chance of making it. 182cm is fine if he’s good enough.

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Heath Hocking in the Ruck!!

In a team with Bellchambers, Hille & Ryder! Crazy times.

Finals ruckman Hooker didn’t play that game, so I guess it makes sense.

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what position does he play Ruck? key tall forward ?

He was 186cm last year usually players at that height at his age end up atleast key position height. It can depend on the kid really.


Looks to have a good frame in the photo above. Hopefully grows to a serious size.