Training Sat 21st Jan of some year before 2023

Hey folks

It was really a captains run this morning so sorry not much to report. Few guys were being managed but still had around 40 players out there. Was really simple light skill drills with a lot of goal kicking.

Jones seemed to have done a slight injury to his knee. They were doing the high mark with speccy bag and Jones just took off awkwardly and actually crashed into the bag. Doctor checked it out and pulled him from training. Saw him walking with sight limp after but with no bandage or anything. Think he will be fine.

Think Shiel also did a little niggle to his knee but nothing too serious

At the end the players and staff all sat down in the middle of the oval for 20 mins just to have a lengthy chat. The boys are in good spirits and connected.

Walla is increasingly running better to my eyes. Slimming down also. He is not totally out of round 1 calculation if he can have a few big months… almost has to be perfect though in every thing he does.

Besides that not much to report. Reid, Perkins, Laverde, Hurley and Brand pretty much did not train but were there.


Great news regarding Walla! Hope he’s doing well.



Still early on the new timetable but any ideas/thoughts on which day(s) look the best to get to for a serious training session?
My old man is keen to get down to one but it’s a bit of a drive for a light skills session.

Who is going to be the first to post some â– â– â– â–  about being worried about Reid?

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Monday and Thursday sessions seem to be the best

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Deeply concerned with Reid. Can’t see him making it now given he has missed so much footy and is over the hill at 19.We may have completely blown another precious top 10 pick. Why did we even need another tall kp defender anyway, shoulda picked up Arlo Draper instead even though he was in a different draft year and every club passed on him twice.

Is that sufficient?


Perfect, thanks.

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Wow, you wouldn’t Reid about it!


Then you get the comparisons to gumby “oh I hope he isn’t another gumbleton” ffs :man_facepalming:

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I knew we should have taken Oliver.


Who is our doctor now? I haven’t even thought about club doctors since it ceased to be Doc Reid. Whoever it is, let’s hope he or she is a worthy successor.

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I thought Jones hurt his back when he slipped in that marking drill? Might be wrong however.

Better than all the rest.


Happy to be wrong… thought i saw him on the sideline after focusing on knee

Ah okay maybe. In any case, it just looked like they were being ultra conservative getting him to sit out the remainder of the session

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Jesus christ… I initially read that as “season” and almost had a heart attack.


Have watched quite a number of ESsendon training sessions. Players for me that are the big standouts so far.



I know internally we are very excited about Durham’s scope and how he’s come back.


Cox, Jones and Perkins are notable absentees from that group. Also Wright, considering our lack of key forwards.

When they returned after the end-of-season break, every training report mentioned the spirit and intensity of the group. It’s dropped out of the reports lately. Is that because the spirit has dropped off, or because it’s so much a part of every training session that there’s no need to mention it any more.

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I’ll ask the important question because everyone else is obviously too shy, how well is Dylan Clarke going?

Looking forward to him being re-listed and playing an important role for us in 2022.