Training Sat 21st Jan of some year before 2023


Do you need to report someone as a missing person, either in Australia or overseas?

If you have concerns for someone’s safety and welfare, and their whereabouts is unknown, you can file a missing person’s report at your local police station.

The first 24 hours following a person’s disappearance are the most crucial. This is because the sooner police are able to follow-up leads, such as the availability of CCTV footage, the more likely the person will be found safe and well.
It is important to give the police all the facts and circumstances related to the disappearance, including search efforts already made by you and others. Relevant information may include intimate or private details regarding the missing person or their lifestyle.

Soooo, does anyone know what Reid looks like, what height or weight he is and anything about his lifestyle, such as, oh say, sporting interests?

Wright was close. He killed it on Mondays session. Just been in and out if modified a few times. Only reason. Durham i should add looking good too with Snelling


The big three in draft last year have had extensive modified sessions. Bit frustrating


If you were picking round one right now, would you have Dev:
-forward pocket
-high half forward
-another position?

I think people need to relax about Reid. Only very young still, and the club are taking the right course in making sure he will build up properly. Tall bean poles will always take a few years to physically develop anyway, so I don’t see the need to rush him into football. Ease him into the games in the reserves this year, and see what he can do next year. He will be absolutely worth it, if we get his program right.


Bench warmer


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Always a risk taking a tall with a top 10 pick imo.

Personally I think we could have found a tall later in the draft Dodo seems to do well with that.

Hooker pick 54
Carlisle pick 24
Jones pick 30

Plus we drafted Eyre and Brand waste of a top 10 pick imo could have used that pick on a small fwd

Who would you have picked instead?


A small fwd



If you are going to write of a guy as a ‘waste of a top 10 pick’ and state we should have taken a small fwd instead, you should at least name who we should have taken in his place.


The correct answer here is, Clayton Oliver.


■■■■ that, Cyril rioli.


Or just wait till his career is at least 6 years old.


I’m not writing the guy off I’m just saying there was no need to draft a tall when we were going to draft Eyre and Brand anyways could have used that pick on another player

The only forward of note that has done anything was errol gulden and he wasn’t available.

Tanner Bruhn was the guy most tipped we would get.
he might come back to efc soon anyway.

Given high internal wraps on Reid i wouldn’t worry yet.


Nobody provokes the ire of Blitz quite like Nino.


I think it’s the sincerity that does it.


In Sheedy speak…it’s a back related knee

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